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Are there other forms of discipline that you find help you, not just spanking?

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I was wondering if any of you find other forms of discipline effective? Like for me corner time and early bed times can be effective. If it is the right disciplinarian sometimes a lecture can be just as bad as a spanking! I sometimes wanted my disciplinarian to spank me and get it over with than to have listen to one of her lectures! lol.


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Since we are long-distance for the present, we have to find alternatives (and self-spanking isn't it - sundaze is a much harsher with herself than I am with her, so self-spanking is a rarely used last option; when we're together, it's about option 3, following hugs - especially for general attitude or stress - and talking/warning). Corner time is usually the most effective. Sunny hates it, but unless the reason is something beyond me being a butthead (a normal reason, for sure), there is a method to my madness. When we've had to resort to it, it's usually involving her getting a little overwhelmed by the world or some particular problem in it - basically a loss of control. By following my direction to go to the corner, she gives what control she has to me - and goes to a place with two white walls, no outside distractions. From this space, we're better able to talk through the problem, and she is calmly able to express whatever emotions and feelings the problem is causing. She is never alone in the corner, because she takes the phone with her and I talk with her the whole time, so it keeps us connected at a time we might be tempted to pull apart. (She's also never alone because her cat finds it incredibly interesting that she would go stand in the corner to talk on the phone, but that's another issue.) While I expect that she will always hate the Stupid Corner, I think she usually comes out feeling more grounded, and with the control she thought she lost handed back to her.

Earlier bedtimes might be a possibility once we're in the same place, but not now. She's an hour ahead of me, and we already use a bedtime when she works the next morning. To make it any earlier would be for us to give up precious time together, and that's too harsh a punishment for either of us to endure.

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Guest Mr.Tanyerhide

Yes. A spanking just to get it over with quickly is just far too easy at times. There are other forms for effective discipline.

I'm not one to "Spare the Rod", I use it sparingly. So, before I grab a paddle, belt or strap, I may implement other methods when necessary including Restrictions {grounding}, Loss of Privileges, various Writing Assignments {Line Repetition, Book Reports, Essays & Memorization. {written / oral} & of course the standard Corner Time for reflection. Naturally, any failure to comply most always results with the Corporal method, if that's what it takes to get the msg across.

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I've found giving additional punishments to be quite effective, most especially if they fit the crime. If you've told a lie, being made to write a formal letter of apology (even if it isn't sent) is a good example. Being late earns an early bedtime... being online when you shouldn't earns loss of computer time... and so on.

Do like to make a spanking the final punishment though. When that's over, a clean slate has been earned.

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Guest Imperial_Pony

I'd rather take a wet-bottomed hairbrushing, rather than lose computer time. So taking away my laptop or PC is a BIG deal for me!

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Grounding from tv p/c is terible having to stay in room alone ll day is awful not being aloowed to leve the house for days, moth soaped is awful as is the promise of a bedtime spanking nd waiting for it all day Or if others are told of my bad actions orrrrrrrrrrrrr told that i ws or am going to be spanked This is real embarssing and a real form of punishment geeeeeeeeeeeee

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I feel grounding or losing privilages can be a good alterative to a spanking. I have used mouth soaping for bad words sassy mouth. I have also used writing lines or essays on behavior. I try to make the punishment fit the crime.

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