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Things I can't believe I said to a spanker


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11 hours ago, Megthe said:

lol of they didn't want to be teased they shouldn't be so teasable!

Exactly! I pay close attention to my spanker's hair. The way the ladies wear it, the color. I've been by spanked by females with blonde hair, brunettes .red heads, jet black hair, auburn hair, brown hair. I recall a red head spanker I once sessioned with. She was only about 4'11". She would stand with one hand on her hip and flip her hair back with her hand. She'd scold me and ask me if I was proud of what all I had done. Of course I'd say yes and she'd say "ahh..ya better hush up" and I'd say "you are so funny".

She'd tell me "ohh...ohh...I'm warning you...momma is gonna paddle ya, ya little smart mouth boy". And I said "well, momma, guess I'm get what's coming to me huh?" And she'd reply "ohh..ok...so this is all fun and games to you huh young man? Well...take a good look at my hair" and I would say "you mean that tangled mess on your head?" She replied "ohh...I am...that's it! That's it!! Get your pants off...and lay across momma's knees.

The reason I told you to take a good look at my hair...is I want you to see the color...of course I'm a red head" and then I said "really? I hadn't noticed" 😂😂 She then smacked my bare butt hard and said loudly "I wasn't finished...little boy! I want you to take a look at the shade of red my hair is....it's FIERY red, baby! And momma is gonna make sure that your plump butt matches it!" 😂😂 I love how she messed with me back about my butt😂













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Love this thread. I have always tried to challenge the top I am playing with. Saying something and realizing I just got into something over my head.  When I top I have been less fortunate to receive a smart comment or challenge. 


One women had a long inlaid hardwood paddle. After 10 swats, I suggested another 10 (feeling brave)

She smiled and responded that's fine...10 on each side and another 10 across both.

When she was done, I was shaking uncontrollably from the sting. But was pleased that the challenge was taken by both parties involved.

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