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An Apology to Flamingcheeks

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To All:

Last night, or the previous night; Sorry I'm not sure which, I made a terrible mistake. I accused Flamingcheeks of being an imposter. I was completely wrong and there is no excuse for my behavior. Following is my apology. It is not sufficient but, it is the best I can do.


My behavior was wrong. When I found what I thought were oddities in your profile I thought you were the guy that was banned a couple of weeks ago but kept sneaking in under false profiles. I didn't know half of what I thought I did. My actions were ill considered, wrong, and particularly unfair to you. Please accept my apology. I know this does little to make up for what I did. I am ashamed of my behavior and deeply regret having injured you through my own stupidity. Once again. Please accept my apology. It is the very least I can do.


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Thank you, you're forgiven, but really nothing to forgive. We can all get identities mixed up sometimes online like this! I can assure you I am female and not connected with that person (who I think was male) on any level. I'm not even sure who they are or exactly what the problem was, just know I wasn't involved in it.

Phew! I'm glad that explains everything. Thank you for this kind note! :)

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