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I would like it if every one looking for a spanging or spanker would let us know when they were successful. Same with the doms. No gory details, just assurance that this board is working and needs are being met. I have both given and received from members of this site. All is swell. [ing] :D

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I met my first disciplinarian on this site. She was able to help me understand that I am not wierd or crazy for having this need. I have since met and become good friends with several good people here. The disciplinarian I am seeing now I met as a result of this board. I have grown and been able to over come a great deal of my issues because of this site.

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I met my disciplinarian through this site too and she is wonderful! She is just as described and has tried to accommodate me in every way possible. Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area should go to her website Ms. Aria and contact her. You cannot ask for a more wonderful person.


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Guest 2bspanked

Yes - this forum brought me "out" after a lifetime of thinking I was one of a small handful of deviants :).

The "gory" ;) details of my first encounter with MamaBlue can be read in the About Me section of my profile

sing out


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I met my disciplinarian through this site too and she is wonderful! She is just as described and has tried to accommodate me in every way possible. Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area should go to her website Ms. Aria and contact her. You cannot ask for a more wonderful person.


Well said, sman! I couldn't agree more. Ms. Aria is balanced between flexible and firm, friendly and serious, cp as therapy and cp as discipline, etc.--I could go on. It all comes down to her willingness to help her clients in the way she and they decide together can be most beneficial. Her intuition is strong and her willingness to listen is deep. I drive from South Carolina to see her and I feel utterly fortunate that she is only two hours away.


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How about a little friendly advice? First of all, be scrupulously honest about your relationship status...married, divorced, widowed, never married, etc. Then, also be honest about any ltr's, spanking or otherwise, that you may have...ie the existence of any. Don't try to hide them or downplay them. Then be honest about what you're looking for...ie, temporary or or long term relationship and are you monogamous or seeking more than one. Then tell a little about yourself...age, gender, where you are and how far you're willing to travel, your interests, and anything else appropriate. A little about your experience level is helpful too. Generic one or two sentence posts usually don't go far. Hope this helps!

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No luck for me. I've been searching for a spankee for six months and have had zero luck. Maybe it takes more time, maybe I'm in a bad location (South Dakota). I'll keep looking. Let me know if you can help solve my problem.


I don't know what you did for the first four months of that six month hunt, but you've been on this site for two months.

And just to let you know, I have found three spankees in about three years. Patience...

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I have met one mentee on this site with whom I am in the develop trust stage. This is going slowly, mostly due to the holidays but, We have met for chat half a dozen times. We have both agreed to move forward and assuming we are a good fit, spanking shall commence in the not too distant future.

I have also met a potential life partner. We speak by phone daily.

The Mike Futures Report


Life Values Match Quotient................................ 0.9

Spanking Compatibility Rating........................... High

Emotional (Feels Good) Rating.......................... 9.5 out of 10____Mutual


Success Forecast: Expect Possible to More Than Possible with spotty

_________________This is Looking Good in the early morning hours.


I should also probably add that I have had 3 solid bites that got off the hook quickly and one that broke the line. All since I joined around Oct. 10 this year.

Good luck to all!


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Come to find out this poster is really really private and just doesn't want to share anything. I think there is a distinction to be made between sharing identifying and nonidentifying things, a distinction I'm not sure he's made.

So he (I'm assuming gender) just wants to spank people - no relating to them as friends or anything? That's almost creepy.

It also makes me wonder if that person is married and hiding this from his/her spouse.

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Guest purplebottom

I have met and meet with three mentors from this site. OTKspanker, BigGirlSpanker, and dsds. I have been very fortunate to have each of them in my life. As mentors. More importantly as my Friends. I joined in April, so as i said, I have been fortunate. But patience is needed. Good Luck :)

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I have had no luck. My add received on 'meet up' has been viewed many times, but only one response. That response was just a few words of encouragement.

Hello Jeffotk,

Just checked out your profile. No message and no info.:( I would bet dollars to donuts thay many spankers have looked at your empty profile. :o None of us like to leave a want :huh:ing bottom alone out there, floating in space. A little more info would get you further along than just wishing. :huh: Not too long after that until your nervous hands drop your pants. :lol: Be patient. Be more forthcoming. Be willing. Be spanked.:D

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I met one, but sadly it didn't work out for the long haul as I described in my introduction yesterday. Let's get 2010 outta here and start a new year.

That's what I like, Sir_Bill..positive attitude!

I have met quite a few people from the site, some who are ok with others knowing that they've met me and some who aren't. I can honestly say that I have been fortunate meeting the people I have. Not one negative experience that I can relate. There are most definitely some good people out there.

Good luck out there!


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I'm encouraged by those who have found what they're looking for via this forum. So far, my search has not been successful.

Chicago has enough interest to be a cherry bottom town. If usaren't in conversation with a couple of folks here by the New

Year, then you need a spanking for leading us on. I am lose enough and have relatives in the Chicago area. I would be happy to take time to tend to your needs after te new year as there are too many boozers on the road for the nerxt few days.

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