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Spanking between the legs

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Has anyone tried this? I've wondered what it would be like. What kind of implements would be used for this?


From the very start I will say that this should not be considered for discipline. FYI: I have never given nor do I understand using spanking for discipline purposes. I do however have some that sending them to bed without a spanking would be punishment indeed.

Back to your question. I have much experience and many requests for this need/want. It is quiet common in my lifestyle. Using anything more that a soft leather flogger would in my opinion be dangerious. I will also say that good quality floggers are quiet expensive and in my opinion should never be shared.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with this response. Since my registering on Spanking Needs I have always tried to be very mindful and respectful of its culture.

We are hopefully all adults here and at least in my lifestyle this is quiet common and acceptable.

Mistress Marie

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My wife and I practiced this quite a few times.  We had what was sold to us as a "dog whip."  It was basicly a flogger with rubber tails about 8" long.  Strike it across your hand and you would have trouble causing much pain.  The genitals punishment is or should be more in the head.  A lot of trust is involved because some damage can still be done.  Oh, and i was the one recieving.

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@Mistress MarieWe all have our own compartments for how we view spanking, no need to apologize for yours. As an anecdote, even though I enjoy getting spanked, I do find discipline spankings effective.

As to the original question, I wasn't entirely sure it was about spanking genitals, and it made me think they were asking about smacking the insides of the legs. That said, I agree that genital spanking should be kept out of discipline spankings.

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Definitely not for discipline. However the several folks I have done it to seemed to really like it a lot. I used a light flogger. Participants(all female...) were bent over, ordered to spread their legs and to reach back and spread their cheeks to allow access. I think it is the combination of exposure and stinging that seems to "ring the bell." I also enjoyed doing it. I was careful not to overdo it. Sexual for some, not all. Definitely interesting. In a lot of newer vids these days.

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Yes, my Husband administers occasionally for punishment only for specific transgressions. The spanking is given with a flogger and is very effective in correcting my behavior.

For it, i am bound spread-eagled on the bed and my Husband applies the strokes from above, standing over me. The trigger phrase for this kind of spanking is “spread your legs wide.”

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