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Thanks, Cliff... many people have been illuminated by your answer.

I have had excellent success with Walt's Paddles in getting custom paddles made, and others may as well. We have the dimensions, but not the weight (they make paddles of anything from oak to bubinga, a very heavy wood).

To help select the type of wood... do you know how much the Cracker Barrel paddle weighs?




I don't know the weight, but if I find someone I meet with has a food scale, I will weigh it. If you can't tell by my photos, I don't weigh out my portions. But it's made from a 4 ply, probably pine or fir, 3/8" plywood and had a coat of varnish over it. I have since added a darker coat of stain with varnish.


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Sleddog that is a punishment I would not except, I am surprised that your disciplinarian would use that punishment. I would most definitely fight that punishment, I guess I never understood how that

I've never met an implement I didn't like. hehehe...I know, silly me. It's the kind of spanking that makes me shake and shiver. Any implement for discipline, especially wood is no fun. That cracker

I'm sorry, but that is just SO FUNNY! I have this mental image of a woman at a cash register trying not to sell the paddle...but the manager is watching...so she knows that she has to sell it.

OK - in manner indicative of the quality of the emerging iSwat (Institute Spanking Wisdom and Technology - see my new avatar!), I have done a bit of research on the Cracker Barrel Paddle. Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Cracker Barrel Paddle is both very vicious and very extinct.

Here is the result of research so far:

1) BC, the imprinted manufacturer of the Cracker Barrel Paddle shown in the picture several posts above, is a company known for its production of high-quality wooden toys, primarily yo-yos. BC has earned a position among yo-yo-ists as a supplier of some of the best basic yo-yos.

2) An organization known as the Yo-Yo Museum (http://www.yoyomuseum.com/index.php) features wooden toys in addition to yo-yos, including a version of the BC paddleball paddle.

3) The Yo-Yo Museum entry on this paddle indicates that it is 11.25" long and 5.5" wide, which is consistent with other accounts in the thread above. The Museum entry also indicates that the paddle weighs 132 grams. Accounts above and elsewhere indicate that the paddle is 3/8" thick.


Figure 1: Museum page entry for the BC Paddleball Paddle, basis of the Cracker Barrel Paddle.

4) Walt's Paddles (http://www.spanking-paddles.com/) will make custom paddles.

5) With the paddle size as shown, as well as its weight, a simple computation of paddle volume can be done to find that to weigh 132 gm as indicated, the paddle material density must be about 400 kg/m3.

6) A bit of research results in a list of possible woods, ranging from least dense to most dense. (Note: Cliff, above, has noted that the paddle is made of plywood, rather than a pure wood, so perhaps just plain ole plywood would work... however, why do something simple like that when we can make it more complicated?) Here is list of wood densities. Those near the top, bracketed at the right by red, are suitable candidate (e.g., bamboo). (Note: two woods used by Walt's Paddles, cocobolo and bubinga, are really forms of rosewood, which weighs in at 0.9 x 10**3 kg/m3). Use the second column of numbers from the right for the metric units quoted here - far right numbers are pounds and feet.


Figure 2: Densities of several woods for replicating the weight of the Cracker Barrel Paddle.

7) Armed with all of this information, we can produce the plans for a paddle similar to the extinct BC Paddleball paddle, as shown. This drawing can be provided to a custom paddlemaker, as in #4 above).


Figure 3: Design plans for building an analog to the BC Tournament Paddleball Paddle, aka "Cracker Barrel Paddle."

8) To surprise your friends and antagonize your enemies, you can have that same paddle made in a heavier wood, say, ebony, making it 3 times heavier and much more painful (see the wood density chart in 6 above). Be sure and yell "Surprise!!" on the first blow.


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Thanks for a big dose of laughing out loud! Your comment about the Cracker Barrel paddle cracked me up.

I do not have a favorite or dreaded implement yet. I have not had a "real" spanking by a spanker. I am just now learning to embrace this part of me. In the past I braved asking to be spanked a few different times while in trusting relationships, but they were not spankers. I think it is like they saw spanking as a quick stop on the way to the destination they had in mind, and I saw it more as a destination or point of interest on its own. It was not satisfying and did not meet my expectations. I am looking forward to my first spanking (and fearing it) by someone who wants to spank me and knows how to spank me.

I truly hope my first expeience is not with a Cracker Barrel paddle! Actually, I would like my first spanking to be otk, firm hand.

I'll get back with you when I have something to share.


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I know I said the bathbrush a long time ago, and that's still true. But I remembered recently that a spanker friend of mine has a rubber strap. Once you feel that, you are fixed of all issues you might have. it is pure evil and pain. thankfully, he lives in chicago and i don't see him often. but he has sworn to use it next time we meet. eep!

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Guest bella100

I am saying EVIL BATHBRUSH --- i despise this impliment --- i was like omg i will take anything else again, just not that darn thing! it is pure and utter hatred for the bottom!! lol

I am glad I have a mentor who doesnt go overboard, but it still hurt like a -------- ok cant write that either, lol

My vocabulary is shrinking, lol

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I am saying EVIL BATHBRUSH --- i despise this impliment --- i was like omg i will take anything else again, just not that darn thing! it is pure and utter hatred for the bottom!! lol

I am glad I have a mentor who doesnt go overboard, but it still hurt like a -------- ok cant write that either, lol

My vocabulary is shrinking, lol

Maybe you should consider consulting your mentor about a little brushing-up on your vocabulary.


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my mentor has a flat wooden spoon thing that hurts like h... and the brown leather belt nick named dr. brown I NEVER want to see come out of her bag!!! It is absolutely horrible.

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I'd have to agree that dang CB paddle hurts like the dickens!


My wife dreads the Jokari paddle (similar to the Cracker Barrel) as she claim s it stings worse than other paddles, the strap, my belt or anything else. It certainly leaves her bare bottom very red, hot and throbbing for hours.

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Guest 2bspanked


Has never happened to me , but I wonder of the worst "implement" a mentor could choose, would be another spanker....

I would imagine being sent to another spanker, with instructions from your mentor, for serious discipline would be frightening. To be placed in the hands of someone you have no chance of manipulating, with specific instructions from your mentor - would effectively turn that spanker into an "implement" of your mentors.

Ever happen to anyone?


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I'm a bit concerned about any implement with the potential to cause external bleeding. The Cracker Barrel paddle became boring the second time it was used on me. When it comes to hairbrushes, I'd prefer to get spanked with a wooden one over a plastic one.

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My friend Chrissy and I were meeting to do some major spanking sessions.  I always spank her with my hand, then a wooden hairbrush.  One time she said to me that I could spank her, but that she wanted to spank me back.  Well, I really, really, really wanted to spank her, so I agreed to let her spank me.  She said that she would spank me first.  She set me across her left leg, kind of straddled across the bed.  I had already pulled my pants down  and thought she was going to spank me over my underpants.  No such luck!  She pulled my underpants down to just passed my bottom cheeks, (which is just how I usually do her) and then she reached over and pick up a flat heeled shoe and spanked my poor butt with the heel of that shoe.  She must have given me more than 50  spanks.  Turns out, I didn't mind at all.  I then fully understood how come some people enjoy getting spanked.  It was fun.  But my bottom was sore and red all over.   I was very near tears. So then,  it was my turn to spank her, and I used her shoe heel to do that.  From that time on, the heel of a flat shoe became a staple between the two of us in our spanking sessions. 

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For me it was the bathbrush too.  Everything else - brush, paddle, strap, belt, yardstick...didn't bother me so much.  When he brought out the bathbrush, it was horrible.

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The rawhide whip or a looped up extension cord. I only got this maybe once a year when I did something really bad, like shoplifting or smoking, but when i was getting a serious whipping on my bared bottom, I knew i wasn't gonna be sitting for a while.

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Miss Chris (disciplinarian) and I had a discussion about fraternity type paddles (Cracker barrel paddle being one) vs hairbrushes and bath brushes. She feels that the fraternity is not nearly as severe. It has to do with surface area for a hair brush. The bath brush is worse due to being able to swing it with more vigor (something Miss Chris knows all about). Funny conversation and can't exactly be quoting it just anywhere. :D

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