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paddle wise but panty foolish...

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Seems my disciplinarian went to our SN site as a guest and read my post concerning the "reverse birthday spanking." I was foolish to boast of my intended deception of wearing a thicker panty girdle to take my paddling in. I should have kept my mouth shut. Now I have to take that blistering paddling all over agian, this time on the bare. Oh well, whats a spankyboy to do. I do appreciate the merits of accepting punishment for foolish behavior.

I will be bending over for the paddle and thinking with each blistering swat - "ouch! - guess I deserved that one" "ouch, guess I deserved that one" etc. etc. 77 times (and one to grow on). The panty girdle did not diminish the sting all that much and it seems a bit unfair that I should take additional paddling for wearing it. I do realize that the additional paddling is for the intended deception and not the panty. Still, I am not looking forward to this one as much even though a good "discipline paddling" is called for.

Guess I will just have to "grin and bare it" while I am given a "reminder" for discussing my spankings...


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