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Joseph Dilling

Best Spanking's I've Ever Seen

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Okay I've been into spanking since I was young and I never really wanted to tell people about it, then I figured out that there were so many spankos like me out there who were as into it as I was. Makes me proud to be one and now through all my years of being an open spanko I have realized two things, if your gonna spank someone get the hairbrush and otk is always the best. Haha, personal preference I'm sure, but anyways, I just needed to tell everyone about this amazing site I discovered. It's of a hot young blonde girl called Lily Starr, the site is, when you go there you won't believe all the amazing videos she has. She is an amazing beauty and by far one of the best spanking models out there, she is also very personable and actually answers peoples emails!!! That's rare. If you don't believe me go down to her other site that sells individual clips, it's, once you get one you'll find yourself wanting more and more. I am not ashamed to say that spanking is a part of my life, also not ashamed to say that Lily Starr has also become a part of my life because she is one of the best out there. Just got her Hairbrushed to Hysterics video and it is the BEST thing I've ever seen, never knew a woman could take that kind of spanking. Just trust me with Lily Starr you won't be dissappointed. So has anyone else heard of her or seen her stuff? Come on lets start talking about that beautiful blonde babe!!! :P Or how about any favorite videos? I've nearly seen them all. lol





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