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A safe call.

Guest lilac

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Thank you @Lady Pandora,

Your post is an excellent addition to this thread and a good reminder that safety is not just for the bottom, but also the Top, M/male or F/female. While many tend to think about the safety of an unsuspecting bottom at times, there is just as much concern for the safety of a Top. Your link to the safety guidelines you created is much appreciated. 

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Hi Hope,

Sincere thanks, I hope some people will find it to be useful.  

I agree that too many people are unaware of the many risks that can cause serious problems rather than a pleasurable encounter.  There are risks for absolutely everyone and we all have a responsibility to take whatever precautions we can to ensure our safety and the safety of people we play with, no matter which end of the cane we are at.  

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The safe-call is a good idea. And before that, I suggest a background check. When I was a member of eHarmony, and later FarmersOnly (some years back), I did this before agreeing to meet men whom I would be hiking with in the backcountry (a typical first or second date for me). One of my closest friends is married to a sheriff. They are unaware of my spanking lifestyle, but it was he who told me that background checking was an essential prerequisite for meeting these guys in person. I believe it's every bit as crucial for spanking meet-ups. 

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On 2/27/2020 at 12:24 PM, Chawsee said:

but it was he (sheriff) who told me that background checking was an essential prerequisite for meeting these guys in person. I believe it's every bit as crucial for spanking meet-ups. 

I would like to echo this advice.  Not only would I want a background check, but I would want to find some way to verify more about them.  If they are active here, you can read their posts and get a very good idea of who they are and what they might be like.  I had someone ask for a personal reference that they could call many years ago.  I gave it to her.

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I know that whenever I meet with my spankee for the first time and we chat for an hour or so first I say "go ahead and make your safe call if you want or you can do it afterward".  I am surprised by how many have said "what do you mean?".  I then helpfully explain the importance of a safe call and dangers within this community.  Then they get additional swats for not having a safe call scheduled.

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This is all great advice. I have always been super careful (once a few years back I was chatting to a guy on the net who suggested we meet for a session in a warehouse he owned as a discrete location, he then hastily added he wasn't a psycho! I bit my tongue from responding Oh good because I meet non psychos in abandoned warehouses all the time😆. Yeah that ended there.) But I didn't know about the safecall network. 

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Well I have met with 2 spanking "newbies" here in Dallas already and NEITHER of them had arranged a safe call or told anyone where they were going!... 

Girls, I know this thread has been ongoing and it may be embarrassing to discuss with a friend where you are going and what you are up to but please, please, PLEASE arrange a safe call or at least say you are going on date or something to a trusted person.  You don't have to get into the specifics of your activities. 

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Ordinarily, I would just join those who have "liked" the most recent post in this thread.

But it is so important that I have submitted a separate reply just to keep it nearer the top of the forums board when people drop by.

Whether male or female, top or bottom, TTWD is no area in which to skimp on precautions.


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