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Hello From Central California!!

Guest Anna

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Well, I finally decided to stop lurking and join already. Hello from sunny California! I've been a spanko since before I can remember. I actually think I was born this way! As an adult I've been spanked by three men (one of whom is my husband). I'm actually looking for a disciplinarian right now and I just posted in the Meet Up section. I'd love any tips on getting a non-spanker more interested in discipline style spankings. My husband seems only interested in spanking me erotically....go figure ;) .

Anyways, I look forward to chatting with you'all!

Hi Anna,

I am usually in Cali at least once a month. Usually get to the Valley everytime I am there. Please view my profile. If you are interested in talking, write me al loves2spankotk@yahoo.com and let me know where you are in Central California.


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Hi Anna 

Are you interested in connecting with a newbie? I'm not a spanker but need a loving non bruising descreet bare bottom spanking to feel balanced. I'm 45 in a committed relationship which is why it must be descreet I don't want to loose this relationship. and have just started self spanking to try and level myself out my attitude, and stress please respond if your looking for a bottom to turn pink/red with your hand or paddle. I also am looking for cornor time and mentorship in life's daily stress I'm also from central valley.

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