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Strict Daddy Dom seeks naughty little girl

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Tall, attractive, professional and intelligent dominant in his mid 40s is looking for his lost "little girl". I am a very strict but loving Daddy whois protective and compassionate with strong paternal instincts.

I am both patient and understanding yet also stern and uncompromising with discipline. I am looking for a long-term intimate, romantic relationship with a woman that needs and wants the discipline, love, and caring that only a very strict Daddy can provide. She would be subject to strict guidelines and rules in a structured consistent environment.

As part of our everyday relationship she would be soundly disciplined for any disobedience but always in her best interest and given out of love. She will spend much of her time with a sore bottom and relish in the security and feelings of control and protection that this will provide. The relationship while not outwardly visible to others will be top of mind to her when in public, a stern glare, a quick swat, or the tone of my voice will always be there to remind you that you are "daddy's" girl and that more serious consequences will follow when we get home. Primary discipline will consist of ritualistic and lengthy over the knee bare bottomed spankings with hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddles and leather strap. She will also be subject to other forms of discipline including the following: scolding's, cornertime, mouthwashing's, temp taking, anal and genital discipline, time-outs, early bedtimes, orgasm control and denial among others.

I am a VERY strict dominant who will spank long and hard when necessary but who also loves more sensual and erotic spankings and play when she has been a good girl.

I love the emotional and psychological elements of this type of relationship as much as the physical and put great emphasis on the dialogue, and the rituals of discipline.

If you are 20-40, pretty, weight proportionate to height, intelligent, submissive, and have a "little girl" inside that is dying to come out and play, then you may have found the "Daddy" of your dreams.


While she is ultra submissive to me she likely will be a strong, independent and successful women to theoutside world but who craves the knowledge that at home she is "owned" by her Daddy Dom.

I am willing to travel to and even relocate to be with the right woman so location is not critical. 

Outside of D/s I want a woman who enjoys romantic evenings alone together, but who also likes to be social and go out with friends to parties, clubs, sports or movies.

She has a great sense of humour to match my own and loves to spend hours laughing and socializing or staying at home together.


My ideal woman will also have an interest in travel and a sense of adventure. If you are sincere and looking to make your dreams a reality, please respond with adetailed response, letting me know who you are and why you think you may be the woman I am looking for, and preferably a picture.

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You sound like the man of my dreams. ;) You did not say where you are located though.

Sounds like you have a lot to offer a very lucky lady.

Good luck with your search. :rolleyes:


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Hello, my name is Sarah Busby and I live in Arkansas. I try to be very honest. I have brown eyes and hair. I am 21 years old and I am totally interested. I like the idea of being spanked. I also would not mind being spanked bare bottom or disciplined. I love to travel and I have a good sense of humor. I do like to go out. I am totally sincere. I would totally be submissive to you cause I like the idea of being disciplined and punished by somebody. (except my parents) I do want the discipline, love, and caring that you would provide.

Sarah Busby

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I didn't run into your post in a sea of strangers. I found you, just you. After having a great debate with myself about the impossible of a ddlg relationship and a power couple at the same time; I Googled a description of what the man of my dreams would be...just to prove myself that it didn't exist or that it wouldn't be easy to find. A man that is an intelligent professional but a strict Daddy at heart longing to love his lost little girl for a lifetime. And that is how I found an old post from 2009, would it be too late ? The idea of you spending all these years alone didn't made me happy still I saved some hope this was a moment where the planets aligned for us to meet. I am a young professional, prestigious school MBA student doing her internship in Seattle. I'm a bratty smart mouth princess since I can remember, yet I always long for a Daddy to discipline me and whisper that I will be taught to be a good girl and with a spanking or any punishment fit I will  learn a lesson. That Daddy loves the brat in me, he is patient, he is laughing inside but knows he still needs to punish me. At home or out the secret world that Daddy and I created for us and that some might call twisted is the happiest place for a playful little girl to experiece every fantasy with Daddy. I was born in a place not that far away from here, where the music and the sun runs through your veins, where you can say te quiero y te amo. Half Mexican half cuban with grandpa's from Spain but I don't belong to a country. I am a citizen of the world, I spend as much as I can travelling or planning about travelling hehe. My favorite way to discover a new city is through its cuisine.

The day I read your post it said you were last logged on my birthday July 20 and now yours is coming... hope to hear from you and wish you a happy birthday.

Oh...I'll send you my picture if you send me yours.

Kisses and bites,


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I loved your description of a relationship and totally agree with what you said. 

so wondering if you could up date us. Did you find some one?   I    pray that you did  find the woman of your dreams. 

And I really pray it works out like you  have it planned.

And I wish other men would and could follow your  example for a relationship

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21 minutes ago, AfterGeometry said:

You might want to update your age for all the LG's out there trying to get your attention.  Were you 45 in 2009 or are you 45 now ??      

Good question since date of birth says 44 currently. Page says 46, usually age does not update unless he got an admin to update it. So acvirding to page he's 55, according to dob 44. Also, original post says mid40s, but says updated Friday. 

So all around, just confusing. @Spankophile if you updated your original posts with current age and precerences, you probably want to make that clear. Otherwise, people will add 10 years to everything they see and assume your birthday was a typo.

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1 minute ago, gingerlee said:

Good question since date of birth says 44. 

Okay , so I am bad at math, 44. 

I just saw "born in 1974" which is two years behind me , so I added two years to my current age.  My bad.   😛


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