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Spanking Magazines

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here is the funny thing and Thank you for giving away mag's// BUT all of us that have Internet don't get magazines anymore, but the ones that would love the Mag's don't have Internet.... Catch 22 if you get my drift, but nice of you to offer maybe the questions should be dose anybody know somebody not on line that would like them...Gary

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  • 14 years later...

Spanking magazines:

When I was 18 years old and before I was called Spike*, and thought I knew everything worth knowing (and have grown dumber over the years) I met a girl from Hempstead, New York, visiting relatives in New Jersey. Her name was Janice, and after an initial meeting and thinking we were madly in love, I made plans to visit upon her return to New York. And a while after that visit I gave no thought to how that undying adoration managed to magically metamorphose into nothing, which has always been an incomprehensible demonstration of diabolical alchemy for me, even though nothing was lost other than something quite ephemeral, such as love. But to get to the point of this entry:

The visit: Accomplishing the visit would require a bus ride into Manhattan, and a train ride from there into Nassau County. The visit itself was unremarkable, and it became clear to me (even young and dumb) that a steady diet of this kind of travel took more time and money than I was willing to invest, not to mention the fact that her family was strict. So after a visit of only an hour or two I took the train back into the City. 

The bus did not leave Port Authority for a while so there was time to check out the seedy area of 42nd Street and Eight Avenue. I discovered my very first adult book store, and went in. Among other items and books of debauchery were SPANKING MAGAZINES. The previous year I had spanked a girlfriend named Ilene (and not very hard), but this was the next best thing to the holy grail.  I purchased two of the magazines, and hid the precious cargo in a plain paper bag provided by the store. I was afraid to read them on the bus ride home for fear of another rider discovering my secret.

I don't know whatever happened to those magazines, but reading them cover to cover many times over made than entire trip worth while.

*(Before I was called Spike, I was called by my first name, which is classified).

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On 12/26/2008 at 10:54 AM, Charlie Swats said:

I have a fairly large collection of older magazines, many of which are rare & now unobtainable. I am giving - yes, giving - away these as I wish to clean house. Contact me with info and I will mail you them via regular US mail. No strings.


Charlie Swatts

First time I saw and bought a spanking magazine was when I was stationed in England in the late 80's. They had them at a local news store in Oxford.

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  • 2 weeks later...

First, apologies to Charlie Swatts as this entry has nothing to do with his offer of spanking magazines.

Playboy magazines were never spanking magazines per se, but occasionally contained a related article, reference or comic. Most unusual for my generation, when I was a kid, not only did we have playboy magazines in the house, but I was allowed unfettered access to them. This was likely due to unusual parents, rather of the libertine variety in sexual matters; and/or the fact that my older sister was a playboy bunny (who was summarily fired for refusing Hugh Hefner's demand for sexual relations).

At any rate, I was only interested in the photos of the naked women -  and even as a boy fantasized about spanking them...long before I'd ever heard the word "spanko", or could imagine that anyone else had this shameful interest. I rarely read any of the articles, but on one occasion while perusing one of the magazines, I happen to notice a heading entitled "Plea For The Paddle". Thinking it might be about spanking, I continued to read.

It was a series of about eight to 10 letters to the Playboy Forum, all about spanking. About half were from female bottoms, about half from male tops. And I read this over and over again so many times that I remember most of the entries. The first was from a woman, long married who had had a life-long desire to be spanked, but was too embarrassed to ask her husband. It ended (and I remember word for word): "...after years of flirtatious behavior, I am now reduced to daydreaming about what I could possibly do (at my age!) into irking my husband into baring my bottom and paddling me pink. (signed): Crumbs from Ceasar's table."

The majority were spankos explaining in some detail their spanking routines, but who all kept it quiet, fearing they would be ostracized if discovered. With one exception, all implied the spankings were part of foreplay and sexual gratification. Only one claimed it was a matter of the administration of discipline to his three wives (he'd been married three times) and his eight daughters. Even as a kid I doubted his claim that he had no sexual thrill over this.

So reading, and re-reading this, I remember thinking how absolutely fotunate these people were, there simply could not be many in the world with this interest; and when I grow up I'll never find any woman who likes to be spanked. Glad I was wrong.

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