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Chronic pain condition and spanking

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Anyone else find getting spanked helps take their mind off other pain elsewhere in their body?

 I was diagnosed 3 years ago with a chronic pain condition, on the McGill pain scale it ranks #1 or most painful condition known to man. 

I find when I'm getting spanked, that's the only pain I focus on and it helps me relax. It for a little while eases my other pain. 

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I have a back and an Achilles tendon that need surgery. I refuse to let either slow me down and just deal with the daily pain. It will not define me. Spanking does help somewhat in that regard. Endorphins are good. The muscle relaxation and "release" after a spanking helps.

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I haven’t been spanked since my chronic pain started getting really bad, but I often fantasize about how it would be a good distraction. I think I’ve mentioned in another forum that it’s nice to trade pain that’s out of your control for one that is in your control.

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I have heard people say the good kind of pain helps take their minds off of the bad kind of pain. Also, logic says that creating endorphins would help take the edge off of all pain.

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