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My First Therapy Spanking

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I just wanted to share my story. I recently heard about therapy spankings. These release all kind of stress that won't come out because it's buried deep inside. I have all this inside. Pain brings it the surface and allows you to express/process it. After I found out what it was I did some looking and got my husband (17 years married) on board to be the spanker. I gave him rules, safe words, and guidelines. He followed them all 

OMG is my husband good at any job I give him. I think he must have paddled me hard about 350 times and hand spanked me hard about 50 times. I kicked, screamed, flailed, and cried. I begged him to stop (we had a stop word) and said "Ow" more than ever before. I got some extra hard wacks when I fought or my hands got in the way. Those were painful but important. I also set this rule. I did not want to be in charge fully, except to end it. 

He was mostly using a little round wooden paddle (perfect for sit spots) but I did get several hard walks with a solid wood longer one. That longer one made me scream. The pain of paddles is unreal. Each wack sets you butt on fire and several in the same spot is intense. 

My butt was on fire. He treated my bare bottom like a drum. It was red and sore. Every smack of that paddle sent shocks waves of pain through my bare butt. He never let up and rarely rubbed. At one point I must have gotten 50 hard swats with no break and the tears started. I cried and screamed through the rest of it.

It is hours later and I am still sore. It hurts to sit. I told him it was okay to leave bruises because if I had any (I don't bruise easily) I did not want him to be upset that he did that. 

350 paddle wacks and about 50 hand smacks does wonders. I feel lighter. I hope to continue this if needed. Luckily I know my husband is up for the job. 

I actually ended it earlier than I wanted to because the pain was unbearable at that point. It did work through. I feel way more relaxed and centered. I figured you all would understand. 

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