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I was spanked today, largely because of this site. I suppose I should thank you all.

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I have to admit to myself, I've been a bit obsessed since finding and joining this site. There are so many posts to read, and it's great to hear other people's perspectives and stories. I'll be exploring here for a while. 

This normally wouldn't be a problem, but we were having family over today (Memorial Day), and my wife needed help getting the house ready this morning. 

I did help and I thought I'd been helping enough, but admittedly I kept getting distracted trying to read posts. She caught me several times sneaking a peek, and kept reminding me she needed my help. 

Eventually she decided a message was in order. If I keep being distracted by SpankingNeeds, then what I Needed was a Spanking! 

Thinking everything was fine, I took a quick shower after I was done helping. But while I was drying she walked into the bedroom, unhooked the tawse from behind the door, told me to bend over the bed and gave me a quick but painful strapping. The tawse hurts something fierce, and the first couple of dozen sting and burn the most intensely, so even though it was quick, I was begging her to stop before I teared up too much as our guests were due to arrive any minute. 

We don't have friends that know I get spanked, and our family (kids and grandkids) are not privy to what goes on, so I was quite nervous to be naked, over the bed, trying not to cry out too loud as that wicked leather repeatedly met my behind, and knowing people would soon be arriving. 

At the time, I was upset and thought it was unfair, but in retrospect, her goal was to make the point that she needed me to stay focused, and not spend my time reading Spankingneeds. 

She was right of course. I later hugged her and thanked her for spanking me. 

Sometimes the unanticipated, short and to the point, true punishment spankings are the best. Not while they are happening of course, but later, when you realize it's not play, you got a REAL spanking. Just what you dream about. 

So Thank You to the Owners, Moderators, and Posters of Spankingneeds. It was of course my fault and responsibility, but indirectly due to you, I got a true spanking today. 

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I just asked my wife how many strokes she gave me today. (I never count, and she never tells me how many I'm getting) 

I told her I thought it was around 20 and asked if that was what she planned. Her response:

"I was only going to give you 10, but you squirmed around so much I gave you 25."

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