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A news story about a brawl at O'Hare Airport has me obsessed with the fantasy of Spanking Court. The situation involved a man and a woman who instigated the fight. 

I imagine they are sent to court where the outcome could be corporal punishment. As this happened in the US, I tend to think the implement is a paddle or a strap. 

Imagine you are the judge. What sentence do these miscreants receive? What implement, level of undress, number of swats, etc.? Do both parties get the same treatment?


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The defendant certainly seems to have a derriere well-suited for an extended punishment. I can see her bent over and bound wrist and ankle to a sawhorse type arrangement. The judge has sentenced her to 40 swats on the bare bottom with an oak paddle 4 inches wide by one-half inch thick. Of course, as with any legal use of force, this is videoed from beginning to end, with the supervising officer narrating the whole procedure. 

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I love this idea, too. I especially love the thought that the miscreant has to choose, they can avoid CP by doing jail time but they reluctantly agree to the corporal punishment.

They do this role play at TASSP, have a judicial punishment hour which is pretty dang real and totally absorbing to watch.

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7 hours ago, StrictGent said:


They do this role play at TASSP, have a judicial punishment hour which is pretty dang real and totally absorbing to watch.

 Is it true that in group events at TASSP there is a requirement that 'ees keep their undergarments on? -Ex.

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1 minute ago, Explorify said:

 Is it true that in group events at TASSP there is a requirement that 'ees keep their undergarments on? -Ex.

No, I don't believe so. I think they're given a prison-like top and get to choose what they wear below.

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Interesting fantasy setup...thank you.

So...the court sentences both to 40 with a heavy strap that has a wooden handle.  It is to administered with each stripped to nothing but their official corrections department issued undergarments. He was wearing orange cotton full cut briefs and a an orange cotton tee shirt. She was wearing orange cotton full cut panties and an orange cotton tee shirt.  

They were in steel chains and shackled ankle and wrist with snug leather cuffs connected by heavier than necessary chains and walked into and thru the airport from a police van to a public location at O'Hare airport. They were escorted by 4 corrections department officials holding the official heavy leather corrections strap with wooden handles. This made the nature of the coming event very clear to those passing by in the busy airport.  After a long slow walk of about 30 minutes, the party arrived at a 2 foot raised "stage" that was created for such public punishments. They were told to kneel when taken to the platform while their crime and punishment was clearly read and proclaimed via amplified speakers. 

Following the announcement, they were each unceremoniously commanded to their feet and bent over separated stout padded tee shape pipe structures firmly bolted via a flange to the floor and rising to about waist high. Their ankles were fastened to each side of the base snugly with leather straps already attached to the pipe base.  Their arms were pulled forward and downward at a gradual angle and their wrists fastened to rings in blocks extending about a foot from the floor of the platform.  As a final preparation, an adjustable height pedestal is positioned such that a rubber curved shape chin "rest" is placed directly under their chin and raised to a height such that their face is fully revealed to the large and watchful crowd has gathered. This means the crowd will see their faces  as they receive their strapping....and it means they must peer into the faces of the gathered crowd watching them as the stinging strap is administered across their bottoms. To insure they did not close their eyes, a special adhesive tape was applied to their eye lids to prevent closing during their strappings. They are thus well presented for the court ordered punishment. Both the sting of the horrendous strap and the shame of their disruptive and endangering crime would be felt.

Two guards stand on either side of the unfortunate miscreant man and woman. Each guard has in hand the wooden handle of the official corrections department heavy strap. At the command of the presiding corrections official, the begins. 

ONE...and the guard on right side of the punished criminals brings the with full force across the well presented bottoms of the man and woman simultaneously. The sound of the leather striking thinly covered skin shot out thru the hustle and bustle of the airport to capture the attention of even those not yet gathered to watch the event.

TWO.....and the guards on left side of each punished criminal felt the burning sting of leather on their bottoms. And...it had only just begun.

A few people even "ran" to get a look at the strapping as the sound of the leather smacking bottoms grabbed their attention. 

By FOUR...the man was yelping...and by FIVE....the woman was crying softly. By TEN....both were straining in their restraints and sobbing between grunts and yelps of pain. By 20...they each were performing a duet of begging and screeching and sobbing.

The crowd was strangely silent as the pair became a sobbing bawling...mess while the final 20 merciless and hard strokes of the cruel strap were dutifully laid on. Puddles of tears formed below each of their reddened and soaked faces.  Glimpses of bright red skin could be seen "peeking" out the bottom hem of both her orange panties and his orange briefs.

At last, the strappings were completed. 

The two were released from their restraints and told to kneel once again as the large crowd slowly dispersed. Some made a slow pass by to view the punished criminals. Some made comments...like..."I bet that really hurt!"...or..."I bet you guys won't do that again!....or..."Guess you won't be sitting for a long time!....with an accompanying chuckle.

The well punished criminals left the site of their punishment the same as they had came. The 4 corrections officials, ominously still holding those awful straps, escorted them back to the police van. However, this time both were still struggling to gain their composure as they continued to sob and cry while walking in their chains and shackles.

At long last, they were returned to police facility. There...a corrections medical official examined each of them privately for any serious injury from the strap. As expected, each was documented to have significant skin discoloration, redness, and developing bruising. There was also some slight "weeping" of blood in a few tender areas. Those were promptly treated with stinging antiseptic cream to prevent infection and temporarily bandaged. The medical officer noted in his report a commendation to officials who wielded the straps...stating..."A strapping well administered and professionally executed."

That evening, both the well punished criminals were given their street clothes and picked up from the station. The woman's boyfriend gingerly helped her to his car. She walked with a strange gait. The man was picked up by his mother. His wife was too ashamed if his behavior to be seen with him in public.


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