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I want to say bent over, although I'm unclear by exactly what you mean for each state. For example, when I am spanked OTK, my feet and hands are on the ground, with my butt and torso over the spanker's lap.

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I'm flexible. I don't have a preference. It depends on my mood. I can be in a generous forgiving mood, sometimes not so much. It depends the attitude presented to me, a certain level of remorse/contrition goes a long way with how I decide to handle the matter.

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When I'm seated on a straight-backed chair, smaller guys can achieve the flat position, whereas heavier fellas contend with gravity pulling their feet to the ground. I've experienced both, and either is fine, really. But if I'm to share my genuine preference, I do prefer the spankee flat across my lap, which happens naturally with both smaller and larger guys when I'm seated on the end of a bed.  

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I prefer over lap which is really her bottom  over my thigh. You can push her forward so hands touching ground with my back thigh higher than front so feet can’t touch legs kick and you can put person at angle and lean back (bench/bed not high back chair) so great access to both cheeks. Or shift back for different dynamic such a pinning outside arm. 

I am 6ft so if she is 5’4” or under putting my  foot on chair and raising her dangling over one knee and she can’t touch ground with hands or legs. I find that position very effective as even with medium intensity getting spanking in that position - well it just works. 

If I am EE it all depends on her size but all things equal OTK with her back leg lock her non spanking arm tight grip my outside wrist holding me and seated on a bench so she can lean back and use larger wood paddle or Jakari or their “named” go to’s for  those that see pro females. 

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