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GreyWolf's story #9. This one was from June of 2020. It's my attempt to toy with the very notion of dominance. While I tagged it as m/f which is factually correct, in another way it could be considered f/m.

Just Right

The other evening I was just about to get up and head to bed when Anne came into the living room. She was all ready for bed, wearing just a white T-shirt. It was a warm June evening, and would be a very comfortable sleep without either heating or cooling. I love that time of year, brief though it might be.

She smiled coyly and crossed very close in front of me, and as she went by I briefly flipped up the shirt to see she was wearing her “spank here” panties. Yes, it’s printed in large dark block print high on the hip, with two arrows pointing down. And the text just barely fits the space.

Turning abruptly she headed for the bedroom, and I dutifully followed. It was then that I noticed she had the paddle in her right hand.

Reaching the bedroom, I sat on the bed while she busied herself in the bathroom for a moment. When she emerged she strode strait to me, and throwing her arms around my neck pulled my face to her bosom. I love that, and could have spent eternity there, but knew that was not in the cards. After gently unwrapping her arms I pulled her across my left knee, where she spent some time getting just where she wanted to be. Once settled, I flipped up the shirt and began.

Make no mistake, Anne is very much in charge of her spankings. She decides when they happen, how they happen, and when they end. It may not appear that she has any say in how vigorous they are, but it’s clear that she knows how to get her way. That night after my hand had her lovely rear a pretty uniform pink, she let go of the paddle and gave her head a little toss, placing her other cheek on the bed. As I reached around to pick up the paddle, I could feel her pressing rhythmically on my knee — perhaps in anticipation — or perhaps not.

This paddle was a small one, made of light plywood, and painted white with a couple of pink hearts near the handle. It was almost a toy, but I supposed with enough velocity it would sting pretty good. I proceeded to apply it in just that manner, alternating sides but with focus on that lovely pair of growing spots. She set into a regular pattern of squirming, from which I took my cues.

Just as I noticed those red targets really deepening, she suddenly jumped up and took the paddle from me. As she bent over slightly to return it to its place in her nightstand, that sight brought a sudden wave of raw lust. I reached out to take charge, but she turned and came strait at me, pulling the shirt off over her head. I grasped her around the waist, feeling the intense warmth coming from her thoroughly spanked backside, and slid those very sexy panties down. She again pulled my head into her body, but with a very different goal, and I was more than happy to oblige.

From there we quickly made our way to a more comfortable prone position. I could still feel the heat from her bottom on my chest as she writhed and bucked. I then felt her hands in my hair, gently pushing me over on my back, and she was astride me in a single move. After several more exhausting minutes, we collapsed side by side, and she was asleep almost instantly, which I just managed to notice before I was out as well.

I once had asked Anne what she was thinking or feeling during one of these episodes, and was politely but firmly told to “mind my p’s and q’s.” On this occasion, the next morning only brought a wry smile, and as answer to my inquiry of how she was feeling, “just right.” And that’s more than fine with me.

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