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What, if any, would be the right conditions for you to relocate to be closer to your spanker or spankee if they lived in a different geographic location? Is distance a dealbreaker? What considerations would you need to think about in taking that leap? Is having a spanking / discipline / D/s dynamic a strong enough driver for you to consider relocating to another part of the country for it? 

If full-time relocation isn't in the cards, what conditions or considerations would factor into traveling to your er or ee on a regular basis? 

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Great question. Initially, at least for me, it comes down to connection.  How strong is it?  If I find someone who prospers from the interaction, takes action on the coaching, develops personally and professionally, I may consider traveling first, and then relocating.  Definitely based upon a deep connection both in this and the vanilla world.

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Given that I have refined spanking and vanilla interests I'm no fool to knowing that I may have to relocate one day once I meet the ideal partner. As a result, I structured my entire life and career for the potential of relocation. 

Once I build a good connection with someone, I am open to travelling on a weekly basis to build a deeper connection in person. Complete relocation boils down to wanting to create a life together. Given that I am monogamous, that would entail a committed long-term relationship leading towards marriage. That said, distance is irrelevant to me and the ideal D/s spanking dynamic is my strongest motivation to relocate. 

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I travelled almost half way around the globe to be with my "Internet sweetheart". She always knew about my "kink" and was very happy to engage with it - and yes, to date she still does and that was six years ago. I'm an obedient husband to my new wife and she knows how to deal with any disobedience or cheek etc. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her. I am learning to be a better husband and person because of her discipline.

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@Imperium- I'm assuming you're referring to a committed relationship between ER & EE, and not merely a casual spanking partnership? It would seem foolish to relocate for someone in the latter (casual) category.

If this is something you're considering, you might ask yourself some questions, like: Is anything keeping you where you presently live, such as your career? Do you own a business in your community that took a long time to build? Do you have children in school there, or aging parents who depend on your help? Will you be leaving behind special people who are part of your life? Are you a home-owner who would have to sell your house? Are you emotionally attached to your current home and/or town? Do you like the town that you'd be relocating to, and are you excited by the prospect of moving there? Does the community align with your political and social views? Does it offer viable employment options? Is housing there affordable? What about the quality of life? How are the crime rate and statistics? Do you like the climate? Is moving to your partner's location the best strategy for both of you, or merely for your partner? Does the timing feel right? Are there any doubts?

Even in the case of a committed relationship, many factors need to be taken into consideration. That said, I've relocated many times (solo) and have built some delightful memories by pulling up stakes and going where the wind blew me. Relocating, when it's right, can be an exciting adventure. 

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