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35yo F in Montreal, QC spankee looking for a DD spanker relationship.

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I’m a 35 Yo F, looking for a daddy dominant, close to my age.

Must be a spanking enthusiast, emotionally available, to develop a monogamous relationship.

I like all kinds of spanking, fun, erotic, discipline, emotional release, maintenance… being scolded… 

If you are interested, please send me a message on FL: Arya98 



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5 hours ago, FlowJohnson said:

Welcome! Opposites sides of the country, but it's nice to see a fellow Canadian.


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1 hour ago, I can do it Reagan said:

If there was a place to find your match, this would be it. Best of luck and welcome to group.

Thank you. But overall it feels harder to find in Canada. Compare to US. 

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Just wanted to say good luck and I hope you find your match.

I understand where you're coming from, on the unevenness of ees and ers up North, especially Canada. My job took me to Niagara Falls, NY a few years back and I thought it was something in the water, as there were so many ee’s compared to the Southern stares. If someone took an honest poll, I feel they would find that MI, PA, OH, NY and  Canada would be the heaviest concentration of spankee’s/subs compared to everywhere else. And I mean by a huge margin.  

sometimes we have to look further for the right one but than distance isn’t our friend either. I can say this tends to run in spurts, who knew spankee hunting had a season? But the last quarter pf the year seems to be a higher trend for spankee’s looking for real and I honestly haven’t kept track for spanker’s.

However, I don’t want you to get discouraged, there is someone out there for you.
Good luck    

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