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The Naughty Leprechaun


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Once upon a time, there was a leprechaun who was very naughty.

He replaced all the gold at the end of rainbows with stale, soggy Lucky Charms breakfast cereal. He pinched everyone who didn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day. He also pinched everyone who did wear green on St. Patrick's Day, because naughty leprechauns don't really care what color you're wearing on any day, they just like to pinch people.

He messed with the cobbler's tools so all the shoes came out wrong and didn't fit anyone. Then the big international corporations picked up on that and outsourced all the shoemaking to third world countries where shoes were made by factory workers who got paid pennies per hour and the shoes still didn't fit anyone. Of course, we have to blame the naughty leprechaun for that, because big international corporations can do no wrong. They just follow the lead of naughty leprechauns.

He also messed with cars when he could get his hands on them. And stopped messing with them as soon as they were taken to the shop, so the mechanics never found anything wrong.

He did the same thing with all kinds of electronic devices, and stopped as soon as a tech was looking at them. Then he went right back to messing with them as soon as the tech said they were fine.

One would think that naughty leprechaun deserved a good spanking. And that's what he got.

From the head leprechaun, who didn't really care how naughty he was, but pretended to. Why? Because leprechauns are spankos. Didn't you know that?

The naughty leprechaun got his trousers taken down and his naughty bare bottom spanked until it was bright cherry red and  he was hollering and screaming and swearing he'd do anything to make it stop.

The head leprechaun paused and said, "Are you going to do that again?"

"Of course," sniffled the naughty leprechaun. "I'm a leprechaun."

The head leprechaun laughed and gave him just a few more spanks and then let him go.

And yes, the naughty leprechaun did it all again and then some. Because he was a leprechaun.

And he got spanked again. Because that was just what he wanted.


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