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Being spanked while on a blood thinner

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I have a question perhaps someone in the medical field or someone else with experience can answer.  Last summer I had a blood clot a week after surgery and was hospitaized for three days.  I was put on Elliquis at the time.  Would it be unsafe for me to be spanked while still on it?  Thanks to any who respond.

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I am not a formal medical person, but in my training to become an LMT, we were trained to ask if clients were on blood thinners. If so, we are are very mindful to adjust or use massage techniques that will not risk using certain more aggressive techniques that could cause bruising easily in folks on blood thinners. Based on that, I would think a spanking might not be a safe thing. I am sorry to say that, as I am sure that is not good news for you.... but just my opinion.

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I used to bruise easily even when taking a low dosage aspirin so a blood thinner would be even worse. Having said that, there are different types of spankings. It seems reasonable that a lighter implement that stings the surface of the skin would be ok if applied without too much force. A switch maybe?

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When I had to take blood thinners, I could bruise just by looking at the corner of a table. And if I cut myself, I bled copiously. Maybe you can find someone who will massage and pretend spank with light touches. I am not a medical person, so you must rely on medical advice. Be safe.

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Well, here's my two cents.

For a dozen plus years I was on Coumadin.  An absolute pain in the neck with the constant INR tests and such, but I didn't have bruising issues.

Now I'm a 99.9% spanker, but in that time frame my ee would turn into an er, which were completely warranted.  At least two were what I'd call severe.  I felt them for a couple of days, but no bruising.

It varies from person to person.   Be on the cautious time.

I'm now just on low dose aspirin.

I'm kind of in the frame of mind of needing a spanking.   It's been at least 15 years.  Only ever had two ers.  Both could really get the message across.

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