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How do you post status updates?

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9 minutes ago, shygurl said:

I went to your profile and I think I fixed it. 

In your profile you had the "enable status updates" turned off.

I turned it on.

I still don't have any box for status updates.

I just found that "enable status update" option under Edit Profile, but I can't tell whether it's off or on. Slide the button one way, and it turns dark red (in the day skin), the other way, and it's light gray, but it doesn't say which means off and which means on. I just tried it once each way, saved each time, and went back to check. No matter which position I've saved it in, I don't have a status update box.

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1 hour ago, rubyredd said:

Do you have anything below "Achievements" that looks like this? Screenshot_20230310_200619_Chrome.thumb.jpg.a915f632858cf31a880a33cac20328fd.jpg


No. I have the red Activity tag but no public message box. It just goes straight to my forum posts.

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