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It’s awesome to know there are others who share this sort of mindset but because of personal reasons I am leaving. I’ve decided I don’t want anyone to correct or help me or whatever. MAYBE I need it; but I don’t care. 


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Best to you. 

You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this. 

Good luck and if you change your mind the door is always open. 

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Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself. Recently receiving my AARP card makes me  look back more fondly on life’s challenges. I do believe we get happier as we age. Young people -especially woman - have many important decisions to make in their early twenties to early thirties. Many of those decisions are hard to get right first time faced. But age and time has a way of smoothing it all out.

Talking to others and sharing your situation with right people can help. Good for you that you are able to share and not afraid to seek help. 

In terms of spanking or punishment interests, it makes you more interesting but perhaps deal with the emotional before physical. Being a Spanko I believe is lifelong. Play nice here and most people will embrace you and share similar life journeys. 

Tinie316. Consider taking her up on offer to talk if you change your mind about leaving. 


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