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Leather or wood or a mix of them both

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I had a hip replaced in 2009 . . . after that, we pretty much stayed away from wooden implements all together.  I had 2 leather paddles custom made for my wife to use instead.  Unlike wood, leather "gives" upon impact, making it a much safer choice.


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Often spankees will have a preference for stingy or thuddy implements.  It's important to discuss these aspects prior to proceeding.  You can develop trust and branch out together!  Personally, I prefer stingy to thuddy.

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On 2/14/2023 at 11:25 PM, nicoleS39 said:

My husband often first uses a wood school style paddle, then follows it with his belt. 

Sounds like an accomplished and spicy combination. Lucky you!

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This is the way I like to spank. I find the paddle really drives home the sting of the belt. And, if my partner is into different implements, I like to vary what I use during a spanking so when her bottom gets used to one sensation, I can change to a different one and "reawaken" her 

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I just bought my first leather paddle from Amazon.

600 reviews about a paddle for spanking, maybe there are more red asses than I think. I will certainly give it my two cents after we test it out.

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Not only does everyone not respond to the same implement [wood, lexan, rubber, plastic, leather] in the same way, that same individual may not respond the same way to the same implement at a different time. There are many variables to consider. As a general rule, I will usually select which I suspect, or whether I am aware of, to be the Most Dreaded implement / implements which will "get to the Bottom of it" in the most efficient manner.

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On 2/17/2023 at 7:26 AM, tinie316 said:

I prefer both as ee and er. 

I have both and use both. Most of my life has been as a Top. Recently (3 years ago) I Switched for the first time. I am wondering if you have a preference as an EE or ER?

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