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Spanking my 23 yr old gf

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I usually start spanking my girlfriend over her pants or shorts, then underwear, and finally her bare bottom.

I'm wondering what's a better dynamic: having her take off her own clothes or me taking her clothes off for her? I usually take them off for her because honestly I just get caught up in the moment, but I see other people who let the spankee take their own clothes off themselves.

I'm just curious as to which one people prefer and their experiences with either.


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It depends on what works best for you. From my childhood experience, I was usually ordered "pull down your pants!" which explains why I prefer to have the spanker pull down my pants now. Also, it makes me feel more like I'm submitting to the spanking. That said, there were a few times near the end of her spanking life that my long term spanker told me to get to the level of undress I was comfortable with.

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It pretty much depends.  More often than not I have the ee drop her pants if that's what she's wearing, put her over my knee and pull the panties down myself.

Sometimes I've asked which is worse for them - me baring her bottom or her doing it.  Whatever the answer is I do the opposite.

There are some who it might be one way at one time and the other the next time.

What I don't do is the pants, panties, bare progression.  I've hardly ever - a few times - turned an over clothing spanking into a bare bottom one.  My theory is a bare bottom spanking is bare throughout.  That said, if the ee requests over clothes to start I honor that but I only recall one such request.

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It can definitely work both ways.  Growing up I had my pants and underpants pulled down (or was undressed)  just about as often by the person spanking me, as I was instructed to do those myself.  I think a lot of it depends upon the dynamic between the two people involved. 

When spanking someone I frequently start out with a warmup while they are still fully dressed.  With some of them, I prefer to undress her myself in steps as the spanking session proceeds.  But for really serious offenses if one wants to get the spankees full attention at the start, there is nothing else like ordering her to undress at the beginning. 

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Try it every way possible and see what fits. My wife and I are new to this so we use a routine. This is helping us manage our comfort level since we don't know what we are doing. We keep doing what works and add more when needed.

If this is foreplay you may use a different approach than a punishment spanking.

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My wife expects me to lower or remove my pants and underwear.  She does not tell me too.  I know what's expected and I better be bare for her.  Once I left my underwear up when I got over her knee.  She asked if I was just trying to be funny.  She gave me two on my undershorts then yanked them down and layed into my bare bottom.  I got more and harder than if I had properly bared my bottom 

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