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Implement Preferences

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Which would be your preference? 

• Hand and multiple implements in a spanking session.

• Hand and one implement.

• Implement(s) only - no handspanking.

• Hand only - no implements. 



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I rarely hand-spank anymore, so for me it would be implements only. I'm also moving away from multiple implements, to one per session (more "maternal" in style). I vote for that London Tanners strap/paddle you have here, second from the bottom. ;)

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Whether it be a maintenance or or punishment spanking I always spank with my hand. I only use one implement in addition to the shaming hand spanking. Small paddle for maintenance . Larger paddle for punishment spankings.

On Saturday night I tell my husband what small paddle to put on my spanking chair. Then my husband knows what implement I will be using in addition to the hand spanking he will be receiving Sunday morning.

Good topic!


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For me it’s both but does depend on an EE’s limits. Straps are my usual go to’s particularly Tawses.

I have quite a few and can really get her doing the spanking dance pretty quickly.

I say depend on her limits since I know some EE’s around my area where certain implements are absolutely a no go.

For some it’s only hand period others no implements that will leave marks etc.

So around here it varies a lot and isn’t necessarily chosen by me.

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I make it a practice to always start and end with my hand.  It feels like a natural connection.  Think of spanking as a form of communication.  Best communication is bare hand to bare bottom. The implements are for a level a hand can’t duplicate. 

Implements can vary.  Sometimes just a good paddle will do. Just as often a few could be needed. 

Like Cassie said, a Lexan paddle is a great attention getter. Hey, I’m out in the Midwest in the spring - I could be there personally…. Or not…

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I prefer a single implement. I'm more of a boring traditionalist. Multiple things makes it seem like a wine sampling or something — let me introduce you to my implement collection rather than a focus on the reason for the spanking.

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If I had my choice...it would be hand only. It just feels more intimate to me, more personal. I guess there is something about his bare hand skin contacting my bare skin that is very special. I feel "cheated" sometimes when he chooses to hand spank me wearing tight fitting leather gloves. I also find hand spankings on my bare bottom to be more arousing...and I love sex...lol.  

However....most of my disciplinary spankings involve belt and paddle...with the more severe ones adding the rod (cane like) and sometimes less frequently...a whip. He now has in his implement "arsenal" a couple new items... a bath brush and most recently,  French Martinet. Too early to tell how he might use them in my spankings or in what combinations. Sometimes he chooses to end my disciplinary spankings with a bare bottom otk hand spanking, but not always. My "preference" is all spankings end with my bare bottom over his knee, legs trapped by his, arms restrained behind me folded, and him spanking my bare butt hard and long with his hand. But...as I said...that does not happen all the time, just when he decides to.

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I'm a new spankee.

She refuses to use the belt. I never asked why.

We just tried a long plastic shoehorn, she said add it to the collection it's a terrible shoe horn.

Never tried a leather paddle, there is one in my Amazon cart.

Dollar store flip flop is nice and slappy.

Riding crop is for surgical precision. 

So many implements only 2 cheeks.

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