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EEs vs ERs Round 6

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Going back to the original rules for this round.

So this is how it works, we start at the number 100

- Spankee's minus [2]
- Spanker's add [2]

Switches do whatever you feel like at the moment.

EEs win when we reach 0; ERs win at 200.

EACH PERSON MUST WAIT FOR AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE TO POST BEFORE POSTING AGAIN. It doesn't matter if you are an EE or ER. This is to help keep 2 people from taking over the game.

For everyone's sanity and ability to keep up, you must wait at least 3 minutes between your posts, regardless of how many people post in between. WATCH THE TIME AND WAIT YOUR 3 MINUTES!!!

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9 hours ago, Tate999 said:

102 and the madness begins I wonder how many of the first games are left on here 

I think all or most. Just have to search through the games.

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