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Share favorite texts you sent or received about spanking

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I have never received or sent one, but I'm sure in the cell phone era, many of you have messages, images, emojis or gifs that have announced a spanking or are spanking related.

Share some of your favorites. The ones that really got you excited\nervous.

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I don't have any real examples but I like the idea where its not explicitly stated but based on the relationship etc both parties know exactly what is meant!

Something like :

"I've just seen what you spent on the credit card last month, I'm not pleased. We will discuss it further when you get home"

You know for sure it is going to be more than a "verbal" discussion.


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I like the random out of the blue messages that catch you off guard. Like checking in and having to confess that I misbehaved.

Mentor: Have you been eating healthy foods today?

Me: No Sir. I had some ice cream. 

Mentor: I’m disappointed to hear that. You know better. We’ll discuss this in more detail on Monday. 

@nasbb I love those kind of messages too! 

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Yes, I send those kind of messages. 

Generally I get a defensive response but sometimes it’s a you’re right. I need a spanking. The one who most often does that is one who absolutely hates getting spanked but know it’s what works for her. 

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Yes! Text messages about an upcoming spanking are the BEST!! (as long as they aren't sent to the wrong person). I don't have any on my phone currently that I can share, but I've played this game far too many times to count. Great new topic (for a change). Thanks, @countspankulot:D

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I wish I had something to give here. I love asking for my spankings, if I do get the courage to ask over text I will post it here. Oh shit what if she says no !

Please people don't give me too many ideas, is this a dare?

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Perhaps the best text was one I got from a woman who was a fairly regular and likely will be again.  

It was five days after a severe spanking. She texted to say it was the first day she wasn’t still sore. 

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