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Whats your spanking "theme"

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On 2/6/2023 at 11:18 AM, Mermaid said:

Hi everybody ☺️👋

So i was wondering what yiu spanking theme is, if you have any. I think like a lot off people are into school related stuff so outfits, school canes and that stuff.

So I personally am like really into swimming (i swim since i am 3 in a club) and now i really like being spanked in swimwear or my fantasies have pretty much always to do something with swimming.

So now i am curious what is your spanking "theme" if there is any.

Sincerely Charlotte 

Domestic discipline is my favorite theme..... honestly the thought of being spanked or giving a spanking behind closed doors while other people live there life and outside doing normal things turns me on 

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Dominant/submissive real discipline spankings with an emphasis on accountability and mentoring for self-achievement. Domestic discipline when it’s part of a deeper relationship. 

The submissive I seek is one who desires to be led, disciplined, and dominated, knowing she is her best self when these desires are met. When it comes to discipline, I hold as a core principle that I spank because I care.

I desire to enrich the life of my submissive by combining strictness and firm discipline within an environment of deep care and appreciation of the individual herself.

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