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Old School

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GreyWolf's story #2. This was written in mid 2020, and is one of my more compact stories, coming in at under 1000 words.

Old School

Erin was careful to not let the screen door bang closed behind her, mindful of all the times as a girl her mother had chided her for doing so as she bounded down the front steps on her way to school. Her husband Andrew, waiting at the foot of the steps, was somewhat surprised to see her wearing a tartan skirt and a simple blouse. As she approached him she thrust a dark object into his hand, and he knew immediately to slide it into his front trousers pocket.

She smiled coyly and they joined hands for their evening walk, something they had started in the first year of marriage. It was a great way to really share their day without electronic distractions. They had been married for two years now, and this trip to her home town was the first where Andrew could relax and get to know her family. There was still some chill in the April air, and the moon was low in the sky but offered some light by which to walk and talk.

Erin said “Let’s go by my old elementary school. It’s a short walk, and I haven’t seen it in years.” Answering in the affirmative, Andrew began to understand as he fingered the object in his pocket. It was a smooth oblong about 8 inches long, very much in the spirit of a hair brush without bristles, and stained very dark with smooth polished finish. Erin has insisted on bringing it this trip, promising its use would be discrete.

As they approached the old brick school Erin stopped and looked up at what was once an imposing structure to her. Now the century old building somehow seemed smaller, and quaint compared to her memories. Looking about she lead Andrew around the side, where there was a gate leading to the schoolyard in the back. Giving the latch a try, she was grateful to find it unlocked. Looking around once more they entered, quietly closing it behind.

Heading around the back of the building, Erin saw that while much was new — the playground equipment, a well padded playing surface and the like — much had not changed at all. The fence around the back with the hedges and vines covering it more thoroughly than she remembered, the cornices and other protrusions on the building, and of course the concrete steps leading up to the double back doors all brought a flood of memories.

Tonight she had one particular recollection in mind, something she had recounted to Andrew about the fourth grade. She had gotten into a fight with another girl, and just when she had the upper hand she found herself in the grips of one of the Sisters who ran the school. The punishment was immediate, with several swats from a ruler delivered right there in the schoolyard. That was the start of a long awakening for Erin.

“Where did it happen?” inquired Andrew. Returning to the present from the fog of the past, Erin pointed to the side of the steps. Recalling the Sister pulling her off the other girl “She lead me by the arm over to the right side of the stairs.” Taking Erin’s arm, Andrew then lead her to the spot. “I had to lean way over with my arms out and hands on the steps” as she then demonstrated, looking over her shoulder at Andrew.

Andrew glanced around again, his heart racing has he reached out and grasped the hem of Erin’s skirt, carefully raising onto her back. He reached into his pocket and withdrew the ebony paddle, looking again over his shoulder to be sure they were alone. Returning his eyes to his wife he noted both her very high cut underwear, and the fact that she was no schoolgirl! Erin now felt the cool evening chill on her exposed rear, and with it came a flood of fear and excitement. The moon was coming more into view now, and its light would illuminate her soft skin well enough to see what was coming.

The first swat was somewhat tentative, but the second sent a chill up her back. The sound was surprisingly low, more like a footstep on a hard floor than the crack one heard inside. Andrew paused to look around one more time, before applying the paddle again, this time with increasing impact. As this continued, Erin’s rear began to bob and weave a bit. After another dozen he stopped for a moment and listened, but there was nothing but silence and Erin’s breathing. Commencing with the spanking he applied at least another dozen before she let him know her limit and he immediately stopped, slipping the paddle back into his trousers pocket.

Erin turned to him and flung her arms around his neck. As she pressed her head against the side of his he felt just a bit of tearing on his cheek. Her skirt had fallen back in place, but he reached behind her and raising it rubbed her now hot cheeks with both hands. At that she hugged him even tighter and he pulled her hips toward his.

No words were exchanged as hand in hand they continued walking about the schoolyard and back out the way they had entered. The moon had now risen quite a bit more, and the streets seemed brightly lit as they continued on their walk, with the world none the wiser, but their bond ever stronger.

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