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When using belt or cane how often do you change sides?

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With practice over the years, I have learned to use a cane so that the strokes land evenly across both cheeks so I never need to change sides. I would probably be less accurate if I were trying to use backhand strokes.

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I am not a spanker, so I can only speak to what my husband does with me. He usually does switch sides when taking the belt or cane (rod actually) to me...especially on my butt. He is an engineer and I have noticed "balance" is important to him in just about everything he does...lol...including spanking me and the markings or lines or distribution of redness that results. I "think" it varies regarding how many strokes or slashes before he switches sides. There are times he does not. I do not know why he sometimes does that...but the norm is even and balanced "visual results" when he spanks me. Hand spankings...just one side always...but still even distribution of red stinging smacks...lol. He especially likes to leave neatly disbursed lines when using the cane on my upper legs...and now that I think about it...I do not recall him ever switching sides when caning my upper legs. He strikes me so the cane does not don"wrap" when caning my legs.

lol...interesting question...thank you 🙂


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I am strictly a righty so I do not change sides.  Usually I can keep the marks evenly with a cane, but her right cheek catches more of the impact with a belt, strap and school style paddle.  I sometimes strike the left cheek only with belts and straps to correct.  With a school paddle, I will adjust my stance to even out any marking.  

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I had a mentee, when there was a list of things to accomplish. (That is another story, but there was always a long list).

She would fly down to meet. We would go through the list and come up with and number. Whatever that number was, she would get that number on each side, with each implement.

Typically we would move to her laying over the bed, and then just face the other way.

She even made a implement similar to the "Wicked sister" on the plane ride down to me.

I had to use practice time with it, before they even counted. EG

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