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Spankings in Ohio - and travels

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Good afternoon.  I've been in the scene for a while, but I'm not sure how I never had a profile here. 

I am an early 40's professional in Ohio seeking deserving bottoms in need of some discipline, or fun, or punishment, or....you get the idea.  I've been a life long spanko, and although I still consider myself a "switch" as I've grown older I've found myself gravitating more toward the dominant side of the lifestyle. 

The motivation here is not sex. For me, spanking itself is an experience, and while I understand for many it may be foreplay, for me it is a way to relieve stress, live out a fantasy, make amends for past wrongs, relieve guilt, relive a past experience, or a number of other motivations. 

And I'm here for it, whether you just want to exchange some emails, sit down and chat over a coffee or other beverage, or utilize my strong right arm, I'd love to chat with all of you. 

I primarily only spank females, but I will consider the occasional younger male - sorry, when it comes to guys it must be younger - I cannot spank someone that looks like my father!! :)

Other than this thing we do, I'm a big nerd, if you're into LoTR, ren fests, cosplay, D&D, andything along those lines we'll get along great. I'm also a big sports nut, and enjoy heading out to a sporting event or sports bar/casino to watch the game. 

Hit me up. Would love to chat. 

Edit to add:  Although I live in Ohio and spend most of my time here, my work does cause me to travel a fair amount. I am in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Vegas multiple times a year. I also get to many other states from time to time. Don't be scared to ask where all I'm headed, it may be close to you!

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