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65 year old male in tampa florida needs a good spanking

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Been totally obsessed with spanking and cant go a day without thinking about spanking. Realize a good bare bottom spanking would change my  bad bahavior like it did growing up.  I am looking for a male spanking partner in tampa florida whovwoukd spank my naked butt glowing bright red, so it would burn, be on fire and hurt to sit down.  Been self spanking almost 2× more per week, need to go to a deeper level.  I cant supress this desire anymore, cant get away from spanking. Even when i look at a womens or mans butt i think how it would look spanking glowing bright red!!! Am i normal, is this normal for spankos, spankees.  No.matter what I do am still totally obsessed with spanking both recieving and gicing naked butt spanking!!!🏏🏓🏑🍒☄️🔥😂😭!!!!




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