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How many different people have spanked you in your entire life, from childhood to now?

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Just a kind of fun..."maybe" interesting question for us? Of course, you can answer simply with a number and no further explanation.... or...if you care, you can elaborate on who you counted to reach that number. If you are a spanker, please feel free to flip thecquestion and tell us how many people you have given spankings. 

For me...my bottom has been spanked by.... growing up....my momma, pappa, grandma, and 4 different teachers in school....and as an adult....my husband. So...that adds up to 8 people in total that have spanked my hind end. lol....I probably got smacked by the mid wife when I was born...but I will skip that one...lol. 

Now... if I were to count up all the people who have "seen" my naked butt...lol....well...due to my early young adult behaviors...let's just say the number would be much higher...lol. 

How about you all?

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Seven, and that includes myself when I must self spank to meet the spanking itch. Or, seven that I can remember. I was spanked by a babysitter once, and I remember that solely by authority. It is possible I was spanked by grandparents, aunts and uncles, and possibly friends' parents. My memory on that is a little fuzzy.

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I had never counted until now, but I've been spanked by 5 people. Both parents, one school VP, and one other school official. Then, one little one from my wife years ago — she wasn't really into it, so it was boring for me too. I've spanked only my wife.

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I can't count them. I have been to a number of events where people were being spanked randomly by others. If you are talking about ongoing spanking relationships, I guess it's around 10 that I have spanked and about half that many who may have occasionally spanked me.

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None pre 20, then met 2 men online, 3 women online, a female friend and 2 women I was/am currently in relationships with.

I also got it from numerous women at a spanking meet in Whitby, guessing 5 or 6. So somewhere around 14-15 I'd guess.

As for giving spankings, I spanked one of the ladies I met at Whitby, the same female friend I mentioned and 5 exes/my current.

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But I'm not sure what that number will get to if I count the single childhood game of Simon Says where the person being Simon (not me) said, "Simon says give everyone a spanking." 

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4 hours ago, Bramblewine said:

But I'm not sure what that number will get to if I count the single childhood game of Simon Says where the person being Simon (not me) said, "Simon says give everyone a spanking." 

Ha! I had forgotten about the spanking games my sisters and cousins and I played growing up.

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Ooh good question!

I had to count and I do have some memory/amnesia issues so I may be forgetting some, but by my count I've been spanked by 9-12 Men (memory's fuzzy on this number because I have been to a few parties/events where I lost track) and 3 women. All in adulthood. 

I don't have any recollection of being spanked in childhood but my much of my memory of childhood is a black hole so who knows. 🤷‍♀️

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8 hours ago, Johnson said:

Only one - my mother

The same is true of me - besides some face slappings that the teacher at elementary school did administer - followed by a spanking at home if my mother got aware of my misbehavior at school.  At least she spanked me up to 17 - but even that is ages ago. But the tearful memories are still very vivid on my mind and I do most regret 😓 that I have never experienced again this way of correction by a beloved person.

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I never thought to keep track while growing up.  I was raised in the 50's and 60's when spanking was still allowed in schools and was very commonly done. My lack of behavior was obvious and resulted in spankings both at home and at school all the way through high school.  I was also spanked quite a few times by other relatives or by the mothers of friends that caught me doing things that were against their rules while visiting at their house. 

Then as an adult I've mostly been a disciplinarian for others but there have been a number of those spankees that I have switched with, and I also attended a few spanking get togethers where I was spanked by multiple people each time. 

The total number of people who have spanked me could be 50, it could be a bit lower, or a bit higher.  Hopefully I can continue to add a few new ones in the future. 

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I've given actual spankings to 6 different people my whole life. The first spanking I gave was in college to a girl two years older than me who I had been fooling around with for a while. Second was another college girl though this time two years younger.  After college I spanked two different girls I met on Tinder.  After those I join this website and met up with a girl I found on here and spanked her.  My latest was a girl I met on Fetlife a couple months ago and spanked her and got to use a wooden paddle for the first time.  I'm not really counting the vanilla relationships where I would give my girlfriends a good one time spank here and there. I don't what that number would be.     

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Interesting question! 

1. Mom

2. Dad

3. Jonnah (first adult spanking)

4. Kara 

5. Bridget

6. Liz

7. Christy

8. Courtney

9. Ashley

10. MJ

11. David

12. Taylor

13. Lisa


I think that’s all. 

ETA: Nope 14. Forgot one girl I switched with. 

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