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Experience the 1000 swats challenge!

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A few days ago, a FB group I had just joined reached their 1k follower mark. An admin there posed a challenge as to who would be up to receiving 1000 swats in celebration of their reaching 1000 followers. I then replied with "Me! Me! Me! Pick me! 🙋🏻‍♀" Well, the Local Uncle happened to read that and said he would be glad to give them to me...and turned out he was available.
Here is my account on this session, which by the way, wasn't only to fulfill a challenge, but it was also a discipline/punishment spanking of sorts...
He had me sit on his knee for a few minutes. Asked me if I was sure I wanted to proceed with the spanking. I said yes.
He said, "There's one problem..."
I gave him a questioning look and he added: "Your jeans are still on. They need to come down."
I stood up. I took my jeans off, folded them and put them on the arm of the sofa. He took my hand and helped me over his lap.
My spanking began over my panties while I was over his lap. First his hand. Then hairbrush. Then whippy rod.. Then the paddle.
I asked, "Was that 1000?" He answered, "Not even close."
He rubbed my bottom and would start again in that same order...from hand to paddle. When he stopped, I'd ask again: "It's been 1000 now, right?"  "No, not quite."

Then he pulled my panties down to just below my sit spot. And again in same order started with hand...and ended with paddle. Then I felt and heard him unbuckling his belt while I was still over his lap. He whipped me with his belt. After he rubbed my bottom...and also my back. Asked how I was doing...I was fine...sore bottom, but fine. Once more he used his hand and all the implements including his belt. He rubbed and patted my bottom...and resting his hand for a bit feeling the heat from my seat. He helped me up and had me sit bare bottomed on his knee. He held me close. I buried my face in the crook of his neck..his beard tickling my nose a little. I tell him Thank you. He says: "We're not done yet, little girl." I whined. He had me go grab a chair to bend over. He gave me about 5 last hard ones with the paddle.
We hugged for a bit before he reached for his belt to slide it back onto his waist. I picked my panties back over my bottom and put my jeans back on.
Sore bottom.
Happy heart.
I felt every bump on the road on the way home in his truck.


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Showed these comments to the one who spanked me and he kinda agrees with you both that I could have used a bit more.  I said: "Surely not 1000 more, but maybe 20 more." and he answered: "No, not 1000 more, but maybe 50 to 100 more." I gasped!  And then I called him a Meanie!  LOL! 

Anyway, this photo was taken after my spanking, believe it or not.  The spanking was Friday and even today (Monday) it's still a bit uncomfortable to sit.  But there's minimal bruising.  The photo of my bottom sure doesn't reflect what my bottom was feeling: heat to the seat! 🔥🔥

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