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For the male ee's, if you're getting a pants down lecture before you get the spanking you know is coming,  is it better to have an erection,  or not have an erection?  Certainly,  if you have one,  it's uncontrollable, but which is the better situation to be in?

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Usually my pants don't come down until it's time for the actual spanking. That said, I wouldn't mind having my pants taken down before being scolded. I imagine I'd be embarrassed if I had an erection, more so than just the spanker seeing my penis. The erection would probably go away quickly though.

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It depends on the situation, I think. Erections in such a situation are pretty common and normal and some ERs just ignore them. In that case, it wouldn't be particularly embarrassing for me. Some ERs do the opposite, draw attention to the fact, maybe even tell you that "only really naughty boys get hard before a spanking" or words similar to that. That kind of thing makes me blush furiously.

I know some ERs make boys masturbate before the spanking, to get rid of any excitement and erections. I think I would hate that the most because a spanking hurts so much more when you're not in the mood.

So which would be better, probably depends a lot on how the ER deals with the situation, for me at least.

Edit: forgot to add: I know at least one ER who thinks this is one of the reasons male chastity devices were invented. No erections if it's locked away...

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