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I can't believe I did it.

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I have been thinking about spanking my wife of 3 decades for a long time. It has become clear she does not like to be spanked. No big deal she is the best.

We were bickering last week and she was pissed off at me. The rage in her eye was in the top few ever.  Her hurt feelings were clear for a couple of days, and things calmed down. It occurred to me that I would have been glad to take an ass whipping if it would make her feel better and more in control of our relationship.

I waited several days to put that in the rear view mirror. We decided we would have sex after I got back from the hardware store. I told her right then I want you to spank me... For real. There I had jumped off the bridge, nervous and embarrassed.

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Sorry for the break. I had asked my wife to spank me, seeming out of the blue. She waited for the punchline, nope that was it. She looked at her hand and said her arthritis and other problems make her hands fragile. Can I use the flogger and riding crop we have?

YES MAM. I put them on the bed with a belt and a flip flop in plain view. Then I went to the hardware store. Maybe she searched how to spank while I was gone. 

I got back and I showered first. I waited in bed next to the implements thinking about what was next. She got done, dryed off and asked how we should begin. What a buzz.

We were both naked and I put 2 pillows on the middle of the bed. I laid over the pillows and said I will let you know if it's too much.

Face down ass up hearing her sit on the bed and pick up something. Whap it's the flip flop.

Wow what a woman. She proceeds to beat my ass like an expert, the flip flop, belt, we're a blur maybe 20 of each, nice touch a little too fast. The flogger is a cheap novelty, that was next, she made it work well. I was writhing around a bit and some of the strikes made me grunt and jump. She asked if I was doing ok and I asked her if she had done this before because it was great. She didn't answer and picked up the crop.

She rubbed the crop on my ass poking it between my cheeks and tapping my nutsack. I spread my legs inviting her in. She lightly cropped my thighs and said she was a little worried about me. I assured her I'm good so she says my ass is red. I ask her for a bit more. She cropped most of the places that weren't red along with several shots to the balls. I got up on my knees bending over more as she finished up.

It was awesome and I told her so. We cuddled for a bit. My hard on was obvious the whole time. She gave me a blow job and I was done too quickly. 

Wow my ass was on fire which lasted 2 days. We have not spoken about is since. I want to play it cool for a while before I ask for another. What a woman.



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