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A Reintroduction

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Good evening, fellow spankos! It's been a long time so I thought I should reintroduce myself.

The riff raff around here used to call me Plays, but it's been a super long time so I don't even know if any of those people are around anymore. Feel free to derive your own nickname for me until we get to know each other better!

As of today (01/02) I am 10 days from turning 34, and I reside in the Akron/Canton area of Northeast Ohio.

Friends are always welcome so drop me a message if you'd like to chat sometime! 

Before anyone asks, I am strictly ee, I do not switch and am not interested in ever doing so. Potential ERs welcome ;)

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Hi there from someone who today (01/02/2023) is 11 days away from turning 54. Good to see another Capricorn on here. 

I live nowhere near you, I'm likely outside of your age range, but I love your profile image. Since you're inviting nicknames, and based on your profile image, Imma call you Joe-ee.  

The riff raff can call you whatever they want, but since I tend to be the village idiot, I get to march to my own drumbeat. 😋

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Maybe too far away to spank you, but still close enough to recommend Raven's Brew and Kicking Horse coffee, if you're serious about escaping the flash frozen, preservative ridden, store-bought commercial crap.  🙂

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Welcome back.  I am a “er” to the right person but can also be an “ee” to the right person, however they will never be one and the same. I like to think of myself as a complicated mix haha. 

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