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Spanked at Work


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Joy was so often late for work, it had become expected. As a high performer who always wanted to reach her highest potential, the fact that this one simple thing constantly evaded her was the bain of nearly every work day. 


"Why can't I get this together? No matter what I do, there seems to always be something that comes up to slow me down."


Even as she thought it, she knew, deep down. The real reason was that she just didn't want to be on time badly enough. 


She knew from experience that if she set her mind to do something, it happened. There was no excuse for this lapse of responsibility. 


As she put her things down and signed into work at 9:14, she felt rather than heard the slight exasperation from the boss's office. 




Joy was late again. It was not really a firing offense, at least not for someone so valuable in every other area, but it sure was annoying. 


Chris leaned back slightly in his office chair. He'd had a call right at 9:00 AM and had gone looking for Joy with a question only to be told that, as usual, she was not at her desk yet. 


He put a finger on his lips in deep thought. As a leader, how exactly do you communicate to a grown adult woman that she ought to be at work on time? It wasn't like they hadn't discussed it before but clearly his desire to have her available at 9:00 AM, on the dot, every single day, was not being taken seriously. 


Then he remembered something that sent him digging furiously through his personel files. Joy Banks. He pulled the file and opened it. 


There it was. Her neat feminine signature at the bottom of the page titled, "Corporal Punishment Policy". 


Most new hires thought it was weird, some assumed it was a joke, very rarely did anyone actually sign it! But Miss Banks had done just that. 


He skimmed over the page. 


"Agree to accept corporal punishment in the form of spankings…


…to be applied to the bare bottom…as supervisor thinks necessary."


Chris pressed his lips together with his mind made up. He set the folder aside and sent Joy an email.




Joy started her work day as usual. "Tomorrow I'll get up earlier and be on time" she thought. 


Then she sighed. "No, I probably won't." 


At lunch that day, she went to the break room to grab hers from the fridge. It had been a slow morning and Chris was unusually low maintenance. She had barely seen him at all. 


She smiled hello. He almost smiled back, but couldn't quite get the seriousness off his face. She felt a tiny twinge of guilt. Was this the day her lateness had finally annoyed him a bit too much? Was she going to be brought in for a lecture? 


She hated his lectures, on this subject in particular, because she knew it would make no difference but of course she would assure him that she would change, maybe actually do it for a few days before lapsing back into old habits. 


She went back to her desk and pulled up her inbox. A message from Chris. 


"Hey Joy, are you able to stay late tonight? I have something I need to discuss with you." 


It was so nonchalant. Maybe he wasn't upset after all. Probably just had an extra project he needed her input on.




Joy said goodbye to the other employees as they gathered their things and headed home. Of course she'd stay late for Chris. She pretended to be busy until they were all gone and she knew it was just the two of them left in the building. 




She heard him call her name from his office. 


"Come here please"


There was something in his voice…something that made her feel a certain way. What was it? 


She walked the few steps to his office and opened the door. 


He looked up as she entered and leaned back a little. He looked…Stern. Immovable. Gentle. All at the same time.


"Sit down"


She sat in the chair in front of his desk. 


He leaned forward and looked her in the eye. He slid a paper towards her. She read the title and then she remembered. The day she'd been hired, Judy in HR had handed her this exact piece of paper and had informed her that she was under no obligation and could sign it or not as she chose. She remembered signing it. She remembered thinking what would it be like to be spanked by your boss? 


She looked at the agreement and then back at Chris' very serious face and her stomach dropped. This discussion was quickly going off in a very different direction than she had anticipated. 


Chris looked at her for a moment. Then took a breath and spoke calmly and firmly.


"From now on, you will be on time for work every morning. And in future if you are late again, I want you to come to my office after work and we will repeat the punishment that you are about to receive as many times as we need to." 


She opened her mouth slightly and took a deep breath, feeling both relief and dread, she nervously clasped one hand with the other and just looked back at him. Dread of what was coming. Relief because finally she saw a way out, he was taking charge. 




Chris opened the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out a large black strap with a handle. He laid it on the desk, watching her reaction. 


She flinched slightly and looked like she might cry. He half expected her to protest. To say she thought that contract was a joke. But she was silent, like she knew she deserved to be spanked. 


She did know. In those few seconds as she looked from Chris' face to the strap in front of him, she recalled just how often she'd been late and actually found herself wishing she'd asked him to do this so that it could have happened sooner. 


Seconds passed. Chris stood up and took the strap in his hand. "Let's go" he said. 

He walked out of the office and Joy followed behind until they reached a sitting room where they would often meet clients. 


It was decorated, outfitted with comfy chairs and a couch. 


Chris closed the door as Joy walked through it. He looked down at her as she stood trembling in front of him. 


"I know this is your first time being spanked at Crofton&Welks and it is long overdue. In future, I will deal with your disobedience and disregard for rules much more quickly. Do you understand?" 


"Yes, sir" She never called him sir before but it seemed appropriate here. The happy Chris who told stupid jokes to clients was gone and a new Chris who she'd never met before was staring at her, holding a strap designed only for one thing. This Chris inspired fear and she could feel her stomach growing heavier and twistier as he spoke. 


"You have been chronically late for weeks. Your repeated disobedience has earned you a very hard spanking and as I would rather not have to do this again, I'm going to be extremely thorough. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" 


Joy knew there was no excuse. She wished he'd just get on with it already. She wanted to beg him to spank her harder to make sure she learned this lesson. 


"No, sir. There's really no excuse. Honestly, I wish I'd just asked you to do this a long time ago. I…don't go easy on me, I've more than earned it."


Chris nodded and sat down in the middle of the couch. He laid the strap next to him and commanded Joy closer by beckoning with two fingers. 


He grasped her by hips and turned her around facing away from him. "Unbutton please" 

She unbuttoned her pants and felt him grab the waistband and pull them down to her ankles. Then her underwear. She stared at the wall and shivered, but the room was warm. Next thing she knew she was over Chris' knee, staring face down into the blue couch. 




His hand spanked her bare bottom so hard she gasped. 


Then he spanked her again. "SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK" 


"I want you to remember"




"How this feels every time"




"You push the snooze button"




"Or take too long in the shower"




Joy breathed heavily through the first few spanks but then started to whimper and squirm a little. 




Who knew he could spank that hard with just his hand! 




He spanked all over, turning her entire bottom bright red. 




She started to cry a little. This spanking already hurt far more than she'd imagined. 


"We're just getting started, young lady" 




He paused. "You asked for this spanking. You knew when you were hired that I would spank you if you broke the rules and you did it anyway. You might as well have just said, Hey Chris please go ahead and spank me now, because I'm not going to respect yours or anyone else's time." 




"I'm so sorry, sir." Joy was nearly sobbing now. 


"Of course you're sorry. You're about to be even more sorry." He spoke forcefully. 




Joy felt like her bottom was on fire. 


"Stand up."


She scrambled to her feet, tears streaming down her cheeks. 


"Bend over" he took her to one of the short padded chairs, flipped it around and guided her over the back of it til her bottom was pointing out into the middle of the room. Once again her face was in the solid blue material that matched the couch.


She put her arms out and grasped the arms of the chair tightly as she saw him in her peripheral vision slide the strap off the couch. 


He laid it gently across her bottom and she let out a sob. 


"Miss Banks" his voice was slightly lower, even more serious if that were possible.


"Yes, sir?" her voice trembled. 


"We're almost done. I hope that this will be a lesson you won't forget." 


She started to say, "Yes, sir, I won't" but was quickly cut off by the whack of that strap. 


This time she let out a wail and a cry of deep regret. 




She heard him counting under his breath. 




She stopped hearing him count. All she knew was that this was a painful spanking. The hardest she'd ever had. 


She sobbed uncontrollably. She couldn't keep still anymore but she felt his hand on her back, holding her in place. 




"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'll never, never be late again!" 


She managed to choke out the words between the lashes being vigorously applied to her bottom.


He swung his arm back. 




She cried into the chair. The spanking was finally over. 


Chris stood looking down at her well-spanked bottom. He had done what needed to be done. He hadn't enjoyed it exactly but he knew he wouldn't mind too much if he had to spank her again sometime.


His voice was foreboding, like the narrator of a very serious, frightening story. 

"Miss Banks, if you ever come into work late again, I am going to spank you with my hand and then I'm going to give you one whack for each minute you are late." 


"Yes, sir!" 


"Next time, I'm not going to tell you. You know if you've broken a rule and you know what the punishment is. I want you to come straight to this room after work, bend over the couch and wait for me." 


"Yes, sir" she sobbed, hoping THAT would never happen. She never wanted to be in this position again!


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17 hours ago, DelvrsConsqnces said:

I love the dynamic you've created with your story BansheeGal. Accountability in the work place is my "go to" interest. Here are a couple of pics that fit nicely with your story line. Thank you  for this creative effort. I hope you feel motivated to write another. Best. Jonathan



I love this cartoon! 

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