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No Words Needed

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As I left the doctor's office and headed to my car, I felt myself start to walk slower. I knew I had a long and hard spanking coming when I got home. I felt anticipatory dread. As I drove i was unsure if I wanted traffic to push it off, or no traffic to get it started and finished sooner.  My stomach had butterflies, and I felt a certain tickle in my tushy, like I was already starting to feel the initial effects. I arrived home, I knew the routine. Right upstairs, get the 'toys' that would be used, and get undressed.  In position, and 25 long minutes later, with a break the spanking was over, and I was very sore. Fifteen minutes with a hand paddle with holes and two bath brushes (ow, ooooch) About a 10 minute break and 5 minutes with the belt (really ouch). My bottom was quite warm and was deep red with white splotches on the sit spots, and other splotches elsewhere. Sitting was going to be memorable for a long time to come, even clenching my cheeks hurt.  The spanking was over, and no words had been said, none were needed.

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23 minutes ago, David! said:

So the doctor chewed you out about your lifestyle choices in front of your spanker? Perhaps you will now develop some better habits!

I just happened to be coming from the doctor before going home to my fate. The spanking was for a bunch of things, and I'll definitely remember each and every one (of the things, and spanks).

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