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Swatting the "behind" while moving to the place where the "real" spanking will take place?

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Have you ever experienced this as a spankee, or done this as a spanker?  

I remember several occasions growing up in which my momma would smack my behind as she chased or marched me into the house or out to the barn while swatting my hind end with her hand every few steps. Then...it was bend over while she got "her paddle" to spank me.

My husband has, now and then, also "marched" me to the room where my "real" spanking would take place...sometimes planting hard swats with his hand over my behind or thighs...and sometimes with his belt. It happened just last week...upon entering the front door. I "did" know a punishment was "coming", but not "when" or "where". I was greeted with him sitting in the living room with belt in hand. He promptly called me to attention, harnessed my arms folded behind my back....and marched me out the front door and around the house to the walk-in door leading to our basement, where my punishment took place. We are rural, so nobody saw this. The whole "walk" he would periodically swat my hind end and upper legs with his belt. Some of those swats did not really sting much because of my skirt, which was comfortably loose, but...it really captured my attention and I found myself kind of acting...and feeling...like I did when I experienced this as a child.

Anybody here at all...that can relate to this type of spanking experience?


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