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Your feelings after severe discipline....

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Spent the night sleeping on my stomach, snuggled up beside my husband's strong naked body. My pillow was moist from my tears...even this morning as I awakened. I shed many. I found myself releasing many strange sounds of pain and regret and sorrow, echoing off the walls...in shrieks and pleas and groans and screeches. I have not been so "released" from within....in a very long time. My tears freely flowed, my sobs freely came in wave upon wave uncontrollably. No sex...just punishment. I was "undone"...a total mess of blubbering repentance as my body and spirit embraced his loving strong anger and frustration with me. My voice is still "raspy" this morning...but...my sleep was amazingly deep...peaceful...even as my body bore the marks of his discipline...marks which I will bear for a few days. I am sore...my skin tender in places, my bottom and thighs still evoking awareness of the punishment born.

But, this morning...finally, finally...after withholding his comfort and embrace....my body and spirit only knowing his justifiable anger and harshness in dealing with me...finally....I awoke to his warm embrace, holding me close...soothing me and assuring me in his arms...my face breathing in his chest...."all is forgiven"....and knowing I will do better now. Release...from guilt and the regret of my dangerous, careless, thoughtless poor decision that put me in very unnecessary peril.  Finally....this morning....kneeling before him to give him pleasure and thanks.... allowed to do so.

Life goes on. Life "can" go on now. As I did the barn chores, the soreness of my body reminded me of his belt and whip, and of the desperate strenuous struggle required in last evening's punitive exercise....but I well know the soreness of physical strain will make me yet stronger, just as any good workout, and the lingering tenderness and marks of his chastisement shall remind me of his deep, special love for me. These will diminish, but my lesson learned will bring continued safety in my decisions moving forward. He has me in an ankle length dress today with snug corset and garters and hose...panties...all in black...and gym shoes...lol.  Not my preference, as my skin would like smooth silky under things today..but pleasing to him and as he requires...which gives me pleasure as well. I will have a busy day of giving massage and PT sessions, but will quietly go about my day....mindful of his strong disciplinary and caring love for me....by the marks and tender weals concealed from other eyes beneath my dress, but well known to me. And...this evening....we drive to the airport to welcome our sweet daughter home from a 3 month student experience in New Guinea. So...this is a good day.

How do you feel, after receiving...or giving...what would be a "more" severe spanking? For those not into "disciplinary" spankings, how do you "feel" after a more "intense" spanking experience...compared to your more "normal" or "routine" experience?


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Whatever the level of discipline, I always feel much better afterwards.  I hate it when I displease my Dominant Mistress and earn a discipline spanking.  Sometimes that feeling is worse than the physical punishment.  The 'clean slate' feeling is by far better.  I agree with your 'life goes on' statement.  After a punishment in our DD household, the issue is over, never to be brought up again.

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There are two main reasons why I get spanked. 

# 1 I enjoy being spanked

# 2 Stress relief  after a good spanking lots of stress goes away until next time I am OTK

I have finally after years of searching found someone who spanks beyond where I can tolerate it then spanks more.

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