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Drama and its resolution

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There has been a lot of drama and a lot of stress in my house recently. I don't like drama but invariably get pulled into the middle with a target on my front and back, just waiting for the bullseyes to be scored. This morning I took the opportunity for a good, sound, hard spanking.  My mind cleared and moved into the  moment. Each spank hurt, but the only sound was the ouch that ensued with each  one. The only thought was not how long it will continue or if it will hurt, it was where precisely on my bottom will it land. That incredible interplay of pain and pleasure that brings total relaxation. Afterward I lay down enjoying the lingering pain and the cool air, and the huge relief. The drama was worked out, but even if it reoccurs I have the formula to relax.


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Spankings are cathartic for me in this way, too.  Whenever there is interpersonal stress/relationship issues within my friend group, and I start to feel like it's too much being put back into that headspace always helps me to gain clarity.  Glad you were able to sink into the relaxation and lingering pain afterward and get that relief!

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