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Nothing to do with spanking...lol...but it does involve kicking someone's butt...lol. Yesterday I was making a coffee run for two friends while doing a free massage clinic in a soup kitchen in a large city a couple hours from our rural home.  A man come out from behind a dumpster and demanded my purse and "everything I had on me." Well, he had a small knife and was very nervous, and actually smaller than me. I threw my purse a couple feet away and pretended to take off my wedding ring, and then my martial arts training kicked in. As he bent I kicked his face, then grabbed his arm and swung it around and behind him, causing him to drop the knife and I heard his shoulder crack as I jerked it high and hard up and behind him. I then kicked him in his man parts and gave him two hand heel punches...one got his eye, the other his nose...which I found out later I broke.

Fortunately, a couple not too far away saw the whole thing and ran to my rescue, but he was actually writhing on the ground and not going anywhere. The couple had called 911, and the police were there in no time.

My hand is a bit sore, but physically I am ok. It was a huge traumatic emotional thing for me, however....and "after" it was over, I broke down in my mother in law's arms. But, today I am better. It was the first time I got truly violent since my arrest that sent me to prison, and I had not felt that rage rise up since prison....so it scared me to realize it is still in me. I could have really hurt this guy, but my husband's martial art training always emphasized self defense...which came to my mind as I was ready to go in to really hurt him...but realized he had. been neutralized and he was no longer a threat.

I was worried the police would see my past record and arrest me again...but the witnesses saw everything and explained it...plus...a nearby security camera caught the whole thing to collaborate my story. What a relief!

So...guess I just felt the need to share this...with my friends here. My husband started training me in his Korean form of karate early on in our marriage and I made a black belt level...but since then I just practice now and then...occasionally assist him in training a group now and then, and do some occasional sparring. I am so thankful my husband taught me these skills...and feel like the effort paid off yesterday big time.

My husband was proud of me, but also not happy that I put myself in danger foolishly. I was by myself in a bad neighborhood, whereas I could have asked for someone to accompany me. I also did not take my cell phone with me. So...yes...my husband said he would give me some time to settle down from the experience...but I could expect a good hide tanning for my poor and dangerous decisions. Inam not looking forward to it, but I totally I agree I need and deserve whatever I am gonna get from him.

I guess I want to encourage you all to be careful and avoid being alone on streets, especially in bad areas....and consider taking some self defense training. It may one day save your life! Turns out the man was 20 years old and a drug addict. I hope this will actually be the beginning of a turn around for the better in this young man's life.

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I am careful not to brag...it was just a necessary action of self defense. He was very thin and frail...not very strong looking...at least to me. I have been there regarding drug addiction and know how desperate it can make you..to do foolish dangerous things. But...he had a knife. I am pretty sure he will probably wind up doing some prison time. Once again, I wish our criminal justice and rehab system were enabled to apply corporal punishment and in-life treatment intercession and monitoring in life with authority to sustain adherence with corporal discipline. The default is always...lock him up and let him learn ling term despair and bitterness....instead of being made and monitored and helped in actually living a better life. I speak from experience...lol.

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@nicoleS39, it sounds like you handled this incident with the force required to safely neutralize your attacker. I have zero compassion for his drug addiction, so I do not carry in my heart the understanding of this that you do. Bless you. I hope he finds his way someday. Right now, he's only a menace to society. I'm just grateful that in his desperate act of potential violence against you to steal your money, that you weren't seriously hurt, or worse.

I trained in Korean Hap Do Sool when I was younger. It was a combination of karate, boxing, wrestling, judo, aikido, and yoga. I grew up in a small rural ranch community where opportunities for such training were uncommon, so I was blessed to come upon such a good sinsei. He was a 6th degree black belt, which, back at that time, was rare. I will never forget the kindness of this small, humble man who spoke softly in broken English, but who was a powerful athlete and teacher. I would love to hear more about your Korean martial arts training. It sounds like you have a strong foundation with the right, honorable principles. I'm proud of you, girl. ;)

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@Chawsee....Thank you for your comments. I trained in Tang Soo Do....but I have not been formally active as much as I should the last few years. My husband is my sa bum and another friend is also my sensei....I do incorporate punches and kicks into my workouts about once a week...and regularly do flexibility training...spar now and then to stay sharp, but probably should do more. It is just there is not enough time with all the other things happening in our lives...lol. My husband does offer 2 week "sessions" at the fitness center 3 or 4 times a year on "self defense"....and I help him. We incorporate some Tang Soo Doo techniques into those. Tang So Doo is kind of like Tae Kwan Do...with an emphasis in striking.

I understand your feelings about the perpetrator. Trust me...I do...lol. I dunno, I guess I just cannot believe how foolish he was and the decision to be like this....yet...I also do understand. But for the grace of God...and the belt of my husband...lol....there I go too 🙂.

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