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Finally worked up the courage to make an account after stumbling across this a few days ago… but anywho I made this account as a safe space, i literally have nobody to discuss the spanking aspect of my life with in my personal life, which is maddening at times. I’m 28 years young, female and I’m from Ohio. I would like to describe myself as “Hypothetically well behaved” but hypothetically that may or may not be true and i absolutely plead the 5th… lol

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I noticed that the zipper is not completely closed and you find keeping This Thing We Do a secret maddening. Although we are all different, we all share and understand your mutual interest. 

The good news (glass half full/tastes great) or bad news (glass half empty/less filling) is that Spanko’s agree there is no “cure” for TTWD. 

Let it all out. Make friends here. Protect your personal info until you fully understand the mix of people on SN. This is not what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The fact this site is free obligates us all to contribute. 

BTW self spanking is practiced by some and not illegal. Spanking is actually legal between consenting adults although assault is not. So 5th not valid can’t be charged. 

I am DMV (DC area) based and will borrow from our 40th President - Pleadthe5th tear down that Wall. Open that zipper and let SN cure those suppressed maddening feelings. Your in good company here!

I see from Ohio - what is the deal with these pale red eyed unearthly creatures wearing depression era suites & brown fedoras lurking in your Cornfields? I could understand keeping quiet about that though. 

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