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Trying my hand at this

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The alarm goes off at 7:00am and Chase groans, He knows what that alarm means and it means that the day of his punishment is here. Chase rolls over and turns his alarm off and grabs his phone. He makes sure to text Danielle his usual message that he sends every morning. The message reads “Good morning, ma’am, How are you doing today? No rules were broken last night.” Chase hits send and just lays in his bed for a bit trying to calm himself down. See today is Chase’s punishment session with Danielle for texting while driving and not taking care of himself. This isn’t the first time that Chase has been punished by Danielle, but he always hated the anticipation of the spanking to come. Chase knew the rules that Danielle had for him, and they were all there at his request. Things like going to bed at 11pm and putting his phone on the nightstand an hour before bedtime. No staying up for multiple days without sleep, no texting and driving, No more than 5 MPH over the speed limit, No lying, and to take all of his meds. Chase and Danielle talked about all rules that needed to be enforced since Danielle didn’t want Chase feeling like he was locked down or anything along those lines. Danielle wanted Chase to come agree and come up with the rules so if he broke them then he couldn’t say that he didn’t know it was a rule.  Well Chase broke both the texting and driving rule and the no staying up for multiple days rules this past week. Chase has been under a lot of stress this past week seeing as it was finals week, He knew that he should have reached out to Danielle so he could talk to her and see if she could help him relax enough to sleep and to just let her know how he was feeling but he didn’t because he didn’t want to be a bother. So when Chase texted Danielle on Friday to inform her that he broke the texting while driving and the staying up for multiple days rule Danielle informed him that tomorrow when they usually met up to go over their week and to hang out that he was going to be punished. 


This is my first time trying this so let me know what you think and if you want the remaining story. 

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On 11/12/2022 at 7:46 AM, countspankulot said:

Well done. I'd certainly like to read the rest of the story. Looking forward to some dialogue (internal and external) between Chase and Danielle.

Hey it is.

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The ending of the story. Let me know what you think. I suck at grammar so please bear with me. 



Chase groans at himself since he knows that if he doesn’t get moving then he is going to be late and this isn’t going to help anyone in this situation. So he pushes himself out of his bed and heads to the shower. He takes a shower to wake himself up and to be clean for Danielle. After the shower he brushes his teeth and puts on his outfit for today. Seeing as it was 72 degrees outside, he opted for a short sleeve shirt and cargo shorts. Chase then grabbed his keys, wallet, phone and started heading out the door. Just as he got to the door Chase’s phone dinged letting him know that he had a message. It was different than all of his other alert tones, so he knew it was Danielle. Chase took a deep breath and opened his phone to read the message. “Good morning Hun, I am doing well today. I am glad that no other rules were broken last night. I know that you usually get nervous when you know that you have a punishment coming but just remember that I care about you and that I only do this because you trust me. I will be seeing you soon and please don’t speed. I don’t want to spank you for speeding as well today. Take a deep breathe and I will see you when you get here.” Chase did what Danielle said and just thought about what she said. It was all true. He was the one who asked Danielle to be his spanker and to hold him accountable. Danielle has never spanked Chase for something that Chase didn’t think that he needed to be punished for and they grew to be pretty good friends. So Chase responded with “I am leaving my front door now. I should be at your place in about 10-15 minutes, See you soon ma’am.”
He put his phone in his pocket and walked out the door, Locked his front door and headed to his car. He got in the car and made sure that his seat belt was fastened and pulled out of his driveway. He threw his car in drive and started the 10ish minute drive to Danielle’s house making sure to watch his speed. The closer that he got the more anxious he felt. He made it to Danielle’s house and pulled in the drive way and parked his car. He thought about bailing on this but he knew that he messed up and he wanted to do better. So he turned his car off and got out of his vehicle and walked to the front door. Chase knocked on the door and waited for Danielle to open it. Danielle soon opened the door and they both hugged as she let him in the house. They hugged for a brief moment and Chase was ready to get this over with so he broke the hug with Danielle and just stood there. He said “I am very sorry for breaking the rules that I broke, I knew as soon as I texted while I was driving that I messed up and I was just so stressed about finals that I couldn’t sleep.” Danielle took a deep breath and asked him “Why didn’t you call or text me? You know that I can usually tell you to get ready for bed and talk to you and that usually brings you down enough that you are able to sleep. And I am glad that you knew that you messed up by texting and driving but you shouldn’t have texted in the first place.” And Danielle was right. Chase and Danielle were Spanker/Spankee but they were also good friends. Chase has called Danielle in the past when he was too stressed to sleep and Danielle always helped him relax. She would talk to him about what was stressing him out and offer helpful suggestions and then just distract his mind and get him to where he could sleep. Chase shrugged his shoulders and said “ I didn’t want to be a bother and I didn't want to bug you.” Danielle just shook her head in understanding and asked Chase if he was ready to get started. Chase said that he was ready and to lead the way. As Chase was following Danielle chase emptied his pockets on the table that was by the front door. Danielle brought Chase to her master bedroom where the spankings usually happened. Danielle then told Chase to go to the corner and think about why he was about to get spanked. Chase always hated the corner because he got trapped in his head and usually ended up near tears because of the guilt of breaking the rules and disappointing his friend, But he headed to the nearest corner and assumed the position that Danielle wanted him in. His hands were supposed to be behind his back in the at ease position and his nose was supposed to be touching the corner. He made sure that he was good and then started to think about all he could have done differently to not be in this position. As usual it didn’t take long for Danielle to get ready and to see that Chase was doing his best to shove his emotions down. Danielle saw this and grabbed her usual hairbrush, paddle and her bathbrush. So Danielle told Chase to get out of the corner and to face her. Chase turned around and faced Danielle with watery eyes and snot coming out of his nose. Danielle asked Chase why he was going to be getting this punishment. Chase told her because he was texting and driving and because he stayed up for multiple days without sleep. Danielle then got in her position on the bed and told Chase to get over her knees. Chase quickly got over her knees anxious for this to be over with. Danielle started to give Chase a warm up spanking with her hand. It always surprised Chase that a hand could cause him to wiggle as much as he does when Danielle uses her hand. About 2 minutes went by with Danielle just spanking him with her hand when she stopped and asked him “What are your rules young man?” Knowing that it would get him to actually think about why he was getting spanked. Chase took a deep breath and answered Danielle with “ No texting and driving, No more than 5 MPH over the speed limits, In bed by 11 and phone down by 10, Take any and all meds, No lying, and no staying up for multiple days Ma’am. “And why do we have these rules young man?” Danielle asked. “Because I asked for them and because they help keep me on the straight and narrow.” Whispered Chase.  “So if you asked for them and you know that you need them then why did you break 2 rules this past week?” Danielle demanded. “Because I wasn’t thinking about the rules and I was under a lot of stress with finals and I just forgot.” Chase answered. Danielle took a deep breath and stated “Well we will fix the forgetting the rules part while we are here.” Chase knew that he was in trouble when Danielle said that she was going to fix the forgetfulness today. “Stand up young man” Danielle demanded. Chase stood up and dreaded what was coming next. Danielle asked him when they first started what he dreaded about being spanked and he always said that it was the corner and the being made to bare himself. Danielle looked at Chase and instructed Chase to take his pants down and to get back over her knee. Chase reluctantly did what Danielle said with a “Yes ma’am” and got back over her knee. Danielle rested her hand on Chase’s underwear clad butt and told him “I want you to think about what you could have done differently so this wouldn’t happen.” With that being said Danielle went back to warming up Chase paying special attention to his sit spots and to his thighs. Chase tried his best to keep stoic but he knew that it was a futile effort but that wouldn’t stop him from trying. Chase always struggled with letting his emotions out during a spanking. He often would try to zone out or to absorb the pain and with other spankers it worked, But with Danielle it never did. Danielle seemed to spank slower and softer which helped her get into his head more. She often would stop and ask Chase a question to stop him from zoning out and to get him thinking. Danielle could see that Chase was trying to resist showing any reaction to the spanking. She knew that he was feeling it but she also knew that he often got lost in his head because he felt guilty about breaking the rules. So Danielle stopped spanking and rubbed his back and said “Chase I know that you were under a lot of stress this past week, but that makes it even more important for you to sleep. Sleep is how your mind recovers and without proper sleep then you can’t do as well with your finals. You know that if you are stressed and can’t sleep then you are to call me so I can try to help you. Sleep is so important and sleep deprivation is nothing to play around with.” Chase was listening and trying to come up with some type of excuse but he didn’t have one. He knew that if he was having issue with sleep then Danielle was supposed to know about it and she would always help him. He always called her the “Jedi mind trick queen” Because all she would have to do is ask him to get ready to go to bed and somehow she would get him to sleep with in 5 minutes. “I’m sorry Ma’am. I know that I am supposed to call you when I can’t sleep but I thought that I could handle it on my own.” “You aren’t on your own anymore Chase. This is a partnership, we are a team and if can’t help if I don’t know what’s happening.” Danielle explained. Chase just lay there thinking about how right she was. “Furthermore Texting and driving is illegal in the state of Indiana and there is no text worth your life.” Danielle lectured. Chase knew that she was right but he didn’t want to admit it, Chase just wanted this to be over with. Unfortunately Danielle was just getting started. Danielle grabbed her hairbrush that she had on the nightstand and went to work peppering Chase’s bottom with the small rectangular hairbrush that Chase lovingly called “The stinger” because it stung like a hundred bees. Chase immediately tensed up but his resistance was fading quickly. Chase was not one to reach his hand back to try to stop the spanking usually but when Danielle started the actual spanking with the hairbrush he did try to reach back and stop the barrage of spanks. Danielle very quickly grabbed his hand and pinned it to the small of his back. Danielle stopped and said “Young man you know that your hands are not to come back when I am spanking you. It risks me accidentally hitting your hand and causing damage to your hand and that is not acceptable. Do you need me to hold your hand or can you keep it in front of you?” Chase thought about it for a split second and said “I know ma’am, I wasn’t thinking about that I was just thinking about how effective your hairbrush is. Can you please hold my hand so I don’t cause you to stop again?” “If that is what you want then that is fine. You know that this is still over your underwear.” Danielle responded. Danielle rubbed his bottom for a minute trying to get Chase to relax and then started spanking again using the hairbrush. She often spanked with her hand until she bared him but today she could tell that Chase was holding in his emotions and she wanted to make sure that those emotions came out. Danielle spanked from the crest of his bottom to mid thigh and started over. She wouldn’t do it this way when he was bared so he couldn’t predict where the next spank would be but this way worked for her. Chase was trying to let the spanking do what it is supposed to do but it hurt. Chase felt as though his bottom was set ablaze and the heat just kept getting worse. He knew that he was fighting the spanking but he didn’t know how to not fight the spanking. Danielle was starting to see a pinkish hue on the edges of his underwear and she decided it was time to do this on the bare bottom. Danielle reached her fingers into the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down to join his shorts. This is what Chase hated. He hated being bare over his mentors lap but he agreed to it when they first met. It always worked to get him into the punishment mindset if he wasn’t already there. Danielle changed from her hairbrush to her 6 inch lexan paddle. She rubbed the paddle against his bare bottom and asked him “ Young man do you have anything to say in your defense” Chase thought about it and said “ I am sorry ma’am. My phone shouldn’t be an issue since I have apple car play but I got a message and just out of habit I grabbed it and responded. And with the sleeping I know I should have called you but I didn’t” Danielle took that all under advisement and stated “ I am sure that you are sorry and thank you for being honest with me. You know how I feel about honesty, That being said you are still going to feel my paddle and my bathbrush. After the spanking you will be forgiven and this will not be brought back up again. You can make all the noise you need to and you can cry if you need to. Please don’t try to be tough. You will feel better if you don’t.” Before Danielle started to spank with her paddle she locked both of Chase’s leg so he wouldn’t be kicking and moving all over the place. She started to spank randomly and just a fraction harder than the warm up and before too long Chase was reacting to the spanking. Chase started saying “Owwww that hurts and Owww not that spot again.” Danielle was unaffected and kept spanking until she had reached 100 swats and then she brought back the hairbrush to spank the sit spots. Chase felt his walls coming down very quickly and when Danielle stopped spanking he thought that he would have time to rebuild the wall since he was “Too manly” to cry. Well when Danielle brought the hairbrush back to highlight his sit spots that thought went out the window. Danielle asked several questions during this leg of the spanking. She always wanted to keep a calm voice but she did inject some stern undertones in her voice. She started to spank all of his bottom with the hairbrush and started to lecture him as well. “Texting and driving is very dangerous. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT OWWW SWAT. There is no reason to risk your live over a text. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT Please stop I promise I wont do it again. You could have hurt yourself or someone else. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT Owwwie. Will you ever text and drive again young man? SWAT SWAT NO MA’AM I promise SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT. You were even more likely to hurt someone because you were sleep deprived. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT OWWWWW. Are you going to go multiple days without sleeping again? SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT No ma’am I won’t. Chase felt his walls break at the thought of him hurting someone because of his own selfish actions and just lost it. He started to cry and he didn’t try to stop it. He was just letting all of his emotions out. He needed this spanking and he needed to feel punished. He felt punished but this wasn’t the end of it and he knew it. After Danielle saw that Chase was crying she made sure to finish her rotation with the hairbrush but she knew that the point was driven home. She grabbed the bathbrush and steeled herself for this. The bathbrush is a truly evil implement but it works wonders on naughty bottoms. She rubbed his back to get Chase to relax so she could tell him the next phase. Chase slowly started to calm down enough to understand Danielle. Danielle explained that the next leg of the spanking was going to be with the bathbrush and it was going to be 10 swats. After each swat Chase was to say “I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again.” Do you understand Chase? Yes ma’am Chase said somberly. SWAT. I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. OWW I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. OWWWWE I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. I willll not text and drivee or go without sleep for multiple days again. SWAT. OWWWWWWE I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. The last two Danielle aimed for Chase’s sitspots and hit just a bit harder. SWAT. Ohhh that hurt. I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again.  SWAT. OWWWWWW Chase chocked out. I will not text and drive or go without sleep for multiple days again. Good boy Chase. You are all down. Chase continued to cry over Danielle’s knee for several minutes. Danielle kept whispering soft praises and promises that he was forgiven and how well he took that punishment. After Chase calmed down he pushed himself off of Danielle’s knee and gave her a hug and thanked her for the punishment. Danielle eagerly returned the hug and asked him to not make her do that again anytime soon.

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