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How was the most painful spanking you've ever got

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1 hour ago, Larry61 said:

Guess your house had the same rule ours did


”get spanked at school you’ll get a worse spanking when you get home”

That was absolutely true in many families that I am aware of, including my own.  The school would even send a note home that had to be signed and returned, or else they would actually call home and give a parent the details.  And every single time, the spanking that resulted at home was far worse than anything you would have been given at school.  


I'd say that one of the worse spankings I ever got as far as being painful was during some play with a woman I've known since 1978, I've told about her previously here, she's about the kinkiest thing alive.  We continue to play currently and in fact I saw her for lunch this afternoon.  The first time I was ever alone with her, she ended up begging me to spank her within minutes of meeting telling me that she knew I wanted to and that she wouldn't take no for an answer, so I did.  In any event she has always demonstrated an extreme tolerance for pain and one time when she was spanking me maybe 40 years ago, I made the mistake of taking off all limits.  Needless to say I quickly learned exactly how strong she actually was and how hard she could spank if allowed to. 

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I can relate to that familiar family policy about getting it worse at home...if you got paddled at school. I was raised Amish and only finished the 8th grade when I was growing up, but the "rule" in our home was...if you got paddled at school...however many whacks you got at school...were doubled at home from momma, and after that pappa gave the same with his strap. I never was spanked on the bare in my school years growing up, but sometimes my sister and I did have to take off our dresses and we got paddled and strapped in our under clothing. But..please understand Amish under clothing is much less revealing and "heavy" compared to the common under clothing we all probably wear today.

My most painful spanking was not any of those, however...and came much later in my adult years. I am opting to not share that, and actually...there are several that stand out as "more" painful in my mind...but...determining which "one" was the most painful.... is kind of hard to distinguish.

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We had the same rule too. If I got spanked in school I would get spanked at home too. The worse spankings I get are when my wife takes me to the basement and  my hands get secured to two hooks in the ceiling and and my feet secured between two posts and I get the razor strap. She makes sure all the windows are closed because I really yell from the pain. That doesn't happen often. Most of my spankings are OTK with a paddle.

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Many homes have that rule. I wish mind did. I was NEVER spanked as a child even though I deserved it and WANTED IT SO I COULD COME-PARE WITH FRIENDS WHO WERE SPANKED.

I prefer to spank or be spanked by females. That is rare. My most painful had come from a local DADDY who really knows how to spank!  My idea of spanking is to be spanked past where you can tolerate it then the spanking continues.

The first time he spanked me like that I was wiggling kicking and squealing like a little boy. It really hurt like hell. I still can't beleive when he finished and let me up as I was rubbing my bare butt I asked for MORE.   WOW did he give me more . OWWWW 

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I definitely remember my most painful. It hurt so unbelievably bad and I was just trying my hardest to keep my composure, praying that it would be over as soon as possible. I was on all fours on top of the bed.  It got to the point where I started to panic. I began to doubt whether I could contine. I started squirming around, audibly moaning in pain and apologizing profusely, but the spanks just kept on coming. At some point, I collapsed onto the bed.  I was hoping so bad that the disciplinarian would take pity on me, but I was sadly mistaken.  I then heard her dreaded words, "Back into position.  Stick that butt out and spread those legs apart."  Once I heard those words, it was like a tide shifted.  Up until that point, I was trying to fight it the whole time.  But now it really started to sink in that she was fully in charge and I fully realized I was not in control. I did as I was told, started to give in, and accepted my punishment. It left me feeling extremely humble and kind of defeated. But it was a very good lesson for me. 

Oddly enough, I think once you get to the point where you stop trying to fight it, then it make things a little easier. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get into that mental state before or in the beginning of a spanking.

I should add that this was with a disciplinarian I trusted. I wouldn't recommend this approach to just anybody. Limits should definitely be respected. I knew she might push my limits but that I was in good hands and that she wasn't going to injure me.

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I'd have to say it was when I went to the beach, had a bit too much to drink, and thought for some reason I didn't need suncream.

I met up with a friend in London a few weeks after, and I felt the spanking for a week!

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I've had my share but one stands out:

About 9 years ago (I was 23) I'd just upended my life and was in a bit of a spiral. I was a few months divorced from an abusive ex, and had just left the religious cult I grew up in.  I had some undiagnosed mental health concerns that were causing me to behave in incredibly erratic and unsafe (to myself) ways. I was a few weeks into a new relationship with my childhood best friend of 16 years, who knew from the outset about my spanking needs.  


We hadn't really had in depth conversations about how it would play out in our relationship yet, except for my establishing that I wanted (needed) him to spank me, and consented to him doing so at his discretion. He'd tried a few times playfully but was hesitant to hurt me and we hadn't done much else with it. 

At the time I was drinking too much to self medicate chronic pain, as well as having dissociative episodes that were impacting my career and causing panic attacks. One night I'd had a few drinks and got into an argument with my partner. I tried to leave the apartment, but he'd taken my keys so I screamed at him in the hallway that I'd walk. I need to make it super clear that this was my sweet, kind, unrelentingly stable and calm childhood sweetheart. This wasn't a lovers quarrel, or a screaming match. He never once raised his voice, It was me scream-sobbing at my very concerned partner because I was in a bad place.  His calm demeanor was a huge contrast to the abusive ex I'd divorced a few months prior, and because I was used to chaotic relationships his remaining calm and firm felt uncomfortable. 

The neighborhood was not great and there had been several muggings and a few shootings a few blocks down. My partner was calmly adamant that I stay in the apartment for safety but I left anyway with no shoes, no phone, no keys. 

The next bit is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure I just wandered around and went for a walk for a while before making my way back to our place. 

Upon arriving home he locked the door behind me, grabbed my arm, pulled me to the bedroom and over his knee, pinned me between his legs and just started spanking me hard and fast. He lectured me firmly about how I was not allowed to put myself in danger anymore and if I needed space we had another bedroom and he'd always respect that, but running away was unacceptable, and would always be met with severe consequences. 

I know at some point he pulled down my pants and panties, and his belt came off and I got several licks with that. The scolding and spanking both felt like they lasted a long time, but I think in reality it was all maybe confined to 30 minutes. I wasn't spanked as a child, and my exhusband was truly abusive, so this was my first real, disciplinary spanking, with the intention of adjusting my behavior from someone who loved me and wanted to protect me.  He held me while I sobbed after and I remember him saying comforting things and also making it clear how worried he was that I would be hit by a car or worse. 

My partner and I are nearing a decade together as a couple and 25 years friends. He took me over his knee as recently as last night. But I have never, not one time in 9 years left the apartment during an argument or "run away" since. That first disciplinary spanking left such an impression on me.

I've probably taken objectively harder spankings since then. I've seen disciplinarians multiple times for sessions ranging from 2 to 5 hours. But the emotional impact along with the pain (relative to what I had experienced at the time), plus the immediacy and unexpectedness of it sears it in my mind as the "hardest spanking." 

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On 11/4/2022 at 4:08 PM, Alisonsterly said:

Both spankings were bare bottom ? Do you still remember that feeling

My school spanking was over my jeans and panties.  The one at home was on my bare bottom.

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I was spanked once by a pro "mommy" domme who used a hairbruch otk bare and then a belt as I lay over pillows on a bed.  I actually felt at one point that I was not feeling it anymore, a sort of euphoria.  But I was bruised for  weeks after and would not care to repeat an experience to that degree.  

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The night I told her that if she did something I disagreed with I was going to spank her she told me shut up and go back to bed.  When she finished doing the thing I did not want her to do. She came into the bedroom got the paddle out of the drawer and ordered me out of bed for a spanking when I refused she pulled the sheets back rolled me over the first swat landed on the thigh just below my bottom after a few more like that I screamed OK got out if bed and went over her knee. She spanked me until my bottom went numb and the continued to add another 20 or 30 swats. I was then told never to threaten he again that I asked her to be the boss and the decision she made was hers to make. I was sent back to bed with a sore bottom but it gets worse the next day I argued with her about something else and ended up bent over the ottoman paddled again and sent to the corner for an hour. I would not say it was a cannot sit down spanking but I was sore for at least a week. There has been a lot of yes ma'ams since. It takes a lot to get thru my stubbornness. It been several months since that event and I have been spanked several times including twice in the last couple of days. I lost my temper last night and she spanked before she left today it only took about 5 swats for me to be begging.  I really need help and she is providing it now

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I've had more than a few extremely painful spankings. It's hard to say which one was the MOST painful. Some of the ones that really stood out was when I told a female friend her butt was absolutely enormous. It was to get her motivated to spank me. Needless to say, that definitely did the trick 😁. I was a crying 😭 mess after that spanking. Actually, that got me several hard spankings from her. She brought me to tears with each one. 

Another very painful spanking that comes to mind was when I was arguing and being very mouthy with a Disciplinarian. As if she wasn't already mad at me enough. There I was being a smart mouth...and...if that wasn't enough...what else do I do? I tease her about her ditzy sounding voice. 😂 Let's just say I needed a gallon of lotion after that session 😂 

I have ZERO problem giving a spanker motivation. It's a gift I have 😁

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Definitely the time I threatened to spank my wife.  She told me that waa never going to happen that she is the boss and proceeded to paddle me well past my pain until I was numb.  I could barely sit for the next week. 

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It was three hours long, with a different implement for each of 4 or 5 rooms (and some others thrown in, too). I had asked to test my limits, and it sure did. It took some time to heal.

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When I was 22 I started dating a 31 year old woman. She was divorced and had two children. I told her of my desire to be spanked and she had no problem doing it. I let my self get carried away and asked her for a real OTK spanking. She blistered me to tears with her hairbrush over her lap with my hands tied behind my back. I was bruised for a week.

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