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Are spanking videos real?

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Yes and no? It's not that different than any other aspect of acting for the screen - performers will have a script, there will be some discussion between the director and the talent regarding a host of subjects, from level of nudity to what sort of implements the bottom is willing to take. As far as reactions go, they're not so much fake as motivated - some performers can cry on command, some need to be in the headspace, and some, I imagine, didn't realize the limits of their pain tolerance until half an hour into the shoot and are determined to soldier through to the end. Spanking videos can feature committed lifestylers, hardcore BDSM players looking to make something more accessible, or adult entertainers who don't like to do penetrative sex scenes.

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Some are annoyingly fake, like when the ER is barely hitting and the EE is acting like they are dying. I know an ex-spanking model who lives in my town and hers were definitely real. They weren't the hardest ever, but there were no phony tears either. What you have to remember is that some EEs are hardcore masochists, and what looks terrible to others is enjoyable for them. And maybe some take pain meds first - who knows?

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When you look at some of the spankings on those videos you know they are fake. Yes they may be spanking someone but I don't think anyone can take the spankings you see on the videos. some of those spankings are 30 plus minutes long. Some of the videos do a real spanking for a minute or two then the loop it so it keeps going and looks like a long spanking.

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Some of them look real, but really they either ice the ass before to deaden pain; or they take pain pills.  Its really entertainment more than anything.  Really hard spankings are not usually available, but there are some expert spankings going on in the lifestyle.  Those are on media.  So it depends what you mean, really.

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I don't watch a lot of spanking videos for the reason that they often either look clearly fake and it breaks immersion (usually because of poor acting and obviously weak slaps), or the spanking looks so brutal and the person at the receiving end seems to be in such pain that it makes me worry how willing of a participant they are. I wish it wasn't true, but people can be forced into these things through illegal underground means. 

There's very few videos that look real, but also don't look so severe that you have to worry about the spankee. I don't want to get off to a real person who's unwillingly in pain and genuinely terrified and miserable. 

I'm really more of a solely fiction guy because of this. Stories, drawings, things like that. Not counting masochists who can personally consent to a spanking from me in-person, obviously that would be ethical. 

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Most of the spanking videos I've watched from reputable companies feature models who are into spanking. I don't know what's going on these days, but several years ago many spanking models had their own blogs, and talked extensively about the videos they made and their personal lives away from the camera. Though most videos were role-play, the contractual consensual spankings were as real as any adult spankings are anywhere. They get paid for something they like doing, sometimes their best way to find a safe way to get spanked. Whether or not it looks real, whatever that means to any particular viewer, is another story.


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I’ve found that many videos wether pro or amateur are over-acted.  The crying and movements for the slightest strokes are obvious.  I have several videos in SpankingTube which once the camera was set-up, it was forgotten about during the spanking.  Same user name as here - “spnkswtch”.

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