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Enjoying a spanking and....

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So I stand, undressed, my back to the mirror with paddle in hand. I do two types of self spanking. In reality the spankings are identical as is the end result. What differs is the head set going into the spanking. The first is for stress relief and anxiety reduction. The second is what I call maintenance. A maintenance spanking is to help me  avoid getting stressed or anxious by helping me clear my head and stop the churning thoughts. However, truth be told it is a much  because I enjoy a good sound spanking. The fact that that enjoyment yields a positive besides enjoyment is a double benefit.

Do you have spankings for different reasons, and which ones have a real enjoyment factor to them?

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I am spanked for three reasons. My husband and me have come to realize this in our marriage. Some spankings are for punishment...,because I have done or not done or displayed behavior we both agreed beforehand...as unacceptable. Some spankings are for discipline....to teach me and help me learn what is acceptable and what is not. And...some spankings help "train" me...that is...motivate me to improve performance or adopt ways of growing better in my life.

I cannot really say I "enjoy" those types of spankings, but...I van say with certainty I truly "benefit" a great deal from them.

There is a fourth type of "spanking" I get....that I do "enjoy" a great deal. It is "delightfully" painful and very arousing...not punitive at all....but I dare not share the details here because of possible misunderstanding. In general, as I have said before, our overall disciplinary dynamic does not directly result in intimate sex for us...but it certainly sets a tone for intimacy and passion that helps us have, what I feel, is a hot amazing sex life. But, this fourth type of "spanking".... is definitely foreplay for the purpose of sex, and it always just "undoes" me to the point of being a blubbering, begging, nympho...just his personal whore and nobody else's...and I ENJOY and he does too!

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I don't self-spank, but I definitely have different types of spanking. 

Under the "fun" heading is funishment, roleplaying, erotic, spanking + bondage, stress relief, just because.

Other spankings are under the "discipline" heading - discipline, punishment, maintenance / accountability, reset. I am not in a disciplinary relationship at this time and haven't been for a while, but the headspace is quite different for me. 

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My adult experience with spanking is really only as a prelude to sex. I introduced my girlfriend many years ago to spanking because I was a spanko and, amazingly, she liked it. It's been a minor part of our marriage, but a fun part. We don't associate the act with relieving stress or maintaining anything, but I guess we can say pleasure is therapeutic. Self-spanking is not a consideration. We've played at discipline, but it's not something that is of much interest to her. She enjoys the control aspect of it, me in a dominant position sexually, in contrast to our otherwise egalitarian relationship. The punishment element of spanking is the center of my fetish, but it takes two like minds for that to work.

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